Charlie has joined Abby over the Rainbow bridge


Abby and Charlie were each others best friend and now they are together again.


Charlie had surgery for cancer July 24th and never really recovered from it. The incision became infected and ulcerative and we had been dealing with it for 3 weeks. After the surgery he said that she might have 9-12 months to live, but the tumor came back. Other than the wound problem she was doing okay until Friday night she started having breathing problems. I took her in Saturday and an X-ray confirmed there was another tumor. She also had fluid in her lungs and she was put on pills to help with it, but they didn’t. Sunday her breathing was worse and I knew that there wasn’t any medical treatment that could make her better and that I needed to let her go in as much peace as possible.

She went to be with Abby who died almost a year ago. She is buried next to Abby.

Monday was Charlie’s birthday. Today is mine. I have had a dawg for over 40 years and I usually had 2 so I wouldn’t be alone when I lost one. I don’t know how to live in a world without a dawg in it. I don’t know what to do....

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you'd taught us to love him, so i hope this luscious bruce cockburn song might reflect our group homages to charlie's having crossed into the light.

peace (when possible) to you; my experience has been that the pain really never goes away, just lessens...year by year.


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It is so heartbreaking to lose someone so close to you. Our pets are our family so losing your Charlie is like losing a family member.

When I lost Willie Bear two years ago, we buried him next to Hannah, one of our dogs that he had been very closely bonded to. It gave me a small measure of Peace to think that they were both together once again across the Rainbow Bridge. So I hope that knowing this gives you some Peace with your Abby and Charlie.

You have so much room in your heart for another fur child or two. I hope the day will come soon when you are once again blessed with the love of a dog. IMO, there is no greater unselfish devotion and love than that of a dog.

I have also sent you a private personal message too.

Love and hugs, Nancy

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need from us is paying attention and love. We get so much back. Your life has been rich with dog love. It's the oddest thing, but so far, when we've been ready for another four footed in our life, somehow, one shows up. It may be that they are not what we expected but they become part of our daily fabric.

May you find purpose and room for more love. Walk in the woods; hike somewhere beautiful; cry.

If there is anything we can do, please let us know. Love you.

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of your loss. I'm glad she got to ride in the convertible before her passing. We've been dogless for a few years, but will get another when our old cat passes.

Maybe you can get another dog? Folks give away puppies at trade day, as well as selling pure breeds. Hope you have that type of avenue in your area.

So sad to lose a companion. Wish I could offer something substantive to ease the pain.

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so sorry to hear about charlie leaving your side. take care and i hope you'll feel better soon.

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Your posts have been full of him. He still lives there and in our hearts.

Our local rescue group just posted about a group of urine-soaked flea riddled dogs left in a crate by the side of the road. People responded with donations, but also anger at the person who left them there. I saw it a bit differently. Someone became overwhelmed and couldn’t part with their pets, until they realized they had to let them go. So they left them where they felt some kind soul would find them. That is what happened and the dogs are being cared for and will be put up for adoption.

When our dog dies, what would we do? Will we even outlive him? Covid19 stalks the land.

Charlie was lucky to have you. I know you are lonely for your friend. Who can say what comes next, but your heart will tell you.

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hopefully love will return soon in the shape of a furry four legged friend looking at ya saying take me home, take me home.

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All my love and hope for you to get through this. Thank you for sharing your love for Charlie and Abby with us and for the photos, which say so much about their sweet personalities and yours.

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I'm so sorry! If there's anything we can do let us know; we're here for you. My inbox is always open.


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This shit is bananas.

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Thank-you for posting the wonderful pictures.

As you've been so kind to share the lives of your wonderful dawgs with us here at C99, we've become participants in a way. Yes, it's most painful for you, but many of us here also feel loss. This is simply something that's not easy for anyone.

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Snoop, I really appreciate all that you've shared about Charlie and Abby. It's quite a moving story and can understand that it's a tough situation for you to be in. Like many, I'll be thinking of you. Take care.

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Three years ago, Bollox Minor held Oscar in a blanket as we took the drive. The little guy was still looking around out the window as we passed various things....

I'm going to tear up. Condolences Snoop.

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from a reasonably stable genius.

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Your Abby, my Chocolate kitty.

Losing them hurts like hell.

Nothing is ever forgotten -- especially great loves like these.

I have you in my mind and heart.


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for your kind words.

Just after I posted the essay my uncle called and asked to go to lunch for my birthday. We took the convertible up the canyon to the Shooting Star for burgers and then drove around looking at the leaves.

Here’s Charlie in the car. She could just stick her nose up and smell to her hearts content.


What made Charlie such an exceptional beagle was that she minded me and stayed with me off leash. Most of them forget that their humans exist once they get outside. She was also the 2nd beagle I let go on its birthday.

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Crying with sadness for your loss, but also happy you had another birthday. {hugs}


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Abby looks like our Gracie that left us 4 years ago, down to the white patch on her chest. And what a smile Charlie had! We've only recently gotten a new dog, a 4 month old mutt. We weren't ready until a neighbor told us about a friend of hers that was fostering a litter of a stray. So I'm back to getting licks on the nose and, while they aren't up to Gracie's caliber yet, they are healing old wounds. I hope you find some peace soon. Until then, hugs from here to you and yours.

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dear and beautiful 'Charlie.' Mr M says to send you his heartfelt condolences, as well. Through you, I felt as though I knew her, and will miss her, too.

(I'll be in touch with you off-board very soon. Right now, we're dealing with an unexpected medical situation, and, may be out another day, or so.)

I did want to leave you with one of my favorite poems. I changed the verb tense (last verse) to fit a fur baby who's already crossed Rainbow Bridge. Hope this poem gives you some comfort, as it did me.

Walk With An Old Dog

Because you will not be forever
Hope against time, though I may
I paint your picture in my memory
Eyes blue with age, muzzle gone gray.

Because you walked with me in Springtime
Puppy-clumsy, running free
As you grew, we grew together
You became a part of me.

Because you shared with me my sorrows
Not understanding--simply there
Often spurring me to laughter
My friend, you know how much I care.

Because the years have slowed your fleetness
Though your spirit still is strong
I promise I will take more time now
So that you can go along.

Because you do not fear the future
Living only in the now
I draw strength from your example
Yet time keeps slipping by somehow.

Because the day has come [revised]
When I will no longer see
You rise to greet me--but, in memory,
You will always walk with me.

~~Gayl Jokiel

and, Mr M just found this poem--he hopes it will give you some peace,

Waiting At The Door

I was just a pup when we first met I loved you from the start.

You picked me up and took me home

and placed me in your heart.

my time has come to go.

I know your heart is sore.

I see the tears that fall when I`m not

waiting at the door.

You always did your best for me

your love was plain to see,

for even though it broke your heart

you set my spirit free.

So please be brave without me,

one day we´ll met once more,

for when you´re called to Heaven

I´ll be waiting at the door.

~~Author Unknown (By Me)

(my italics for emphasis)

Take good care of yourself, SD. Hopefully, once you've had time to heal, some very lucky little fellow will find you, and fill your heart with love. Give rose

On closing, you may remember one of my favorite signature lines (at DKos),

“Every time I lose a dog, he takes a piece of my heart. Every new dog gifts me with a piece of his. Someday, my heart will be total dog, and maybe then I will be just as generous, loving, and forgiving.”
~~Author Unknown


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Everyone thinks they have the best dog, and none of them are wrong.

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and you will need his love. Go get him. Life for both of you will go on. I don't know what else to say to soothe your pain. The deaths of our loved ones, be it dog or man, will always stay within us. I think the way to lessen the pain is to look into the future.

Stay well and safe and don't give up.

Love and peace to you and all.

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You and Charlie were lucky to share such everlasting loyalty and love.

Heal well

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My heart goes out to you. Please let us know if there's anything we can do. I'm so sorry.


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You and Charlie had a great journey together.

Good dog!

We're here for you, Snoopy. Anything you need.

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nice pictures of Charlie (and Abby as well). They both look as if they were very pleased to be in each other's company. I like the one where they are sitting on the cement looking out into the yard and Charlie is sort of splay-legged. Its very cute. Oh they're all cute, and fabulous.

I'm so sorry to hear about Charlie. I know you'll miss her terribly. From the looks of it, and from what you have written about them both, you gave them a wonderful home. Kudos to you, you had happy, fine dogs.

Sending deepest sympathy SD, take care.

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I'm so sorry you're going through the pain of losing another companion. I don't pretend to know what happens next, consciousness is a great mystery, but love is such a powerful thing that if there is any world next to come, I am certain you will all find each other again there. Meanwhile, wishing you peace and hoping you are able to find some comfort in the pictures and all the best memories of your time together.

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Sending you both light and love.

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