Monday Open Thread; February 12 is Darwin Day (International observance)

February 12 is the 43rd day of the year, there are 322 days left

Today's number is 12


12 is divisible by 2, 3, 4, and 6. making it a great base for a number system
12 is the sum of two primes, 5 & 7
A polygon with 12 sides is a dodecagon.
A polyhedron with 12 faces is a dodecahedron.
Cuboids (cubes & rectangular prisms) have 12 edges
Regular icosahedrons have 12 vertices.
12 is magnesium
A year has 12 months
The 24 hour day is generally broken up into 2 - 12 hour segments, am & pm
There are 12 inches in a foot.
There are twelve basic hues in the color wheel
In craps, 12, is a double 6. It is called Boxcars and is craps (loses or craps out) on a come out roll.
Humans have 12 pairs of ribs
There are 12 Federal Reserve Districts
There were 12 kniggits of the round table
There are 12 signs of the zodiac
There were 12 Angry Men
The 12 bar blues is a popular musical form
12th Night is a comedy by Shakespeare



12 BCE
was the Year of the Consulship of Messalla and Quirinius
Halley's Comet appeared.


12 CE
was the Year of the Consulship of Caesar and Capito
Caligula was born

On this day in:

1502 -- Isabella I issued an edict outlawing Islam in the Crown of Castile
1733 -- James Oglethorpe founded the English colony of Georgia
1818 -- The Chilean Declaration of Independence was formally approved
1825 -- The Creek lands in Georgia were stolen by the Treaty of Indian Springs
1825 -- The Treaty of Indian Springs
1832 -- Ecuador annexed the Galapagos Islands.
1909 -- The NAACP was founded
1924 -- Rhapsody in Blue was premiered
1935 -- USS Macon crashed into the Pacific Ocean
1946 -- Isaac Woodard, a black veteran, was severely beaten by a South Carolina cop
1963 -- They started building the Gateway Arch in St. Louis
1968 -- The Phong Nhi and Phong Nhat massacres.
1990 -- Carmen Lawrence became Premier of Western Australia.
1994 -- Edvard Munch's painting The Scream was stolen.
1999 -- The Senate acquitted Bill Clinton
2004 -- San Francisco began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples



Born this day in:

1663 -- Cotton Mather, minister and author
1804 -- Heinrich Lenz, physicist
1809 -- Charles Darwin, geologist
1809 -- Abraham Lincoln, lawyer and politician
1880 -- John L. Lewis, miner and union leader
1881 -- Anna Pavlova, ballerina
1893 -- Omar Bradley, a soldier
1914 -- Tex Beneke, singer, saxophonist, and bandleader
1915 -- Olivia Hooker, The first African-American woman in the Coast Guard
1928 -- Vincent Montana, Jr., drummer and composer
1935 -- Gene McDaniels, singer, songwriter, and producer
1939 -- Ray Manzarek, singer, songwriter, keyboard player
1948 -- Ray Kurzweil, computer scientist and engineer
1950 -- Steve Hackett, singer, songwriter, guitarist, and producer
1952 -- Michael McDonald, singer, songwriter and keyboard player
1954 -- Phil Zimmermann, cryptographer and programmer
1955 -- Bill Laswell, bass player and producer
1956 -- Brian Robertson, guitarist and songwriter
1958 -- Omar Hakim, drummer, producer, arranger, and composer
1961 -- Michel Martelly, singer and politician
1965 -- David Westlake, singer, songwriter and guitarist
1968 -- Chynna Phillips, singer and actress
1970 -- Jim Creeggan, singer, songwriter and bass player


Died this day in:

1538 -- Albrecht Altdorfer, painter, engraver, and architect
1789 -- Ethan Allen, Green Mountain Boy, general,
1804 -- Immanuel Kant, philosopher and anthropologist
1916 -- Richard Dedekind, mathematician and philosopher
1929 -- Lillie Langtry, singer and actress
1935 -- Auguste Escoffier, chef
1942 -- Grant Wood, painter
1979 -- Jean Renoir, actor, director, producer, and screenwriter
1983 -- Eubie Blake, pianist and composer
1995 -- Philip Taylor Kramer, bass player
2007 -- Peggy Gilbert, saxophonist and bandleader
2009 -- Coleman Mellett, guitarist
2009 -- Gerry Niewood, saxophonist
2017 -- Al Jarreau, singer


Holidays, Holy Days, Festivals, Feast Days and such:
Darwin Day (International observance)
Georgia Day (Georgia (U.S. state))
International Day of Women's Health
Lincoln's Birthday (United States)
National Freedom to Marry Day (United States)




So, for music,

James Oglethorpe

Tex Beneke

Vincent Montana, Jr

Gene McDaniels

Ray Manzarek

Steve Hackett

Michael McDonald

David Westlake

Jim Creeggan

Eubie Blake

Philip Taylor Kramer

Al Jarreau





picture is Charles Robert Darwin by Greg Goebel

It's an open thread, so do your thing

Open Thread,12, Georgia, Treaty of Indian Springs, Darwin, Lincoln, John L. Lewis, music.

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Ah, for the good old days, in 12 BCE, when plebian Capito was co-capo, capisce?

But, on this side of the pond, "Abraham Lincoln, lawyer and politician?" You are having a bit of el style understatement fun with us! I know he had flaws as both a person and as a President, but, in my opinion, he was the greatest President and Commander-in-Chief in US history, keeping the country together (ultimately) despite unprecedented secession. Not to mention the Emancipation Proclamation and getting the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments to the Constitution through Congress and ratification. One of the wittiest Presidents, too, despite his melancholia and heavy burdens. If he had done nothing else, a President with a fine "sense of human (sic)" is a national treasure.

Unfortunately, Lincoln was, of course, also the first President to be assassinated. (Sic semper tyrannis, my ass, Booth. You're the one who's name is Mud and always will be!)

Lincoln minutiae: Two of Paul Revere's daughters married Lincoln fellas who would have been cousins of Abe's pappy, though they may not have known of each other.

Have a glorious day, all.

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@HenryAWallace to Get Lincoln's birthday off, but it was merged with Washington's and converted into "Presidents' Day", 'cause they're all the same, doncha know.

We wuz at risk of having too many days off, and, as the Bible says, "Man must work to earn his daily bread". That axiom, of course, strongly implies that rentiers are non-human, but who am I to criticize my bettors.

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That, in its essence, is fascism--ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or by any other controlling private power. -- Franklin D. Roosevelt --

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There are dozens of reasons to like the number twelve!

We had almost 3 inches of rain over the weekend. I've been really pleased with the condition of my roads in spite of the rainfall. All my weeps and drains are leaf free and flowing.

It is warming here and spring seems to be around the corner (but of course there's more cold weather to come...or usually is). Daffodils will bloom soon. Tuning in to the seasonal changes is fun to me.

Thanks for the OT and music. Hope you all have a good day.....

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“Until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.”

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the daffs are breaking out in this part of CA, accompanied by ceanothus and poppies. Hope the rain is more blessing than burden.

Negligible effort will return multiple variations of an alternative definition for "dozens" such as: "an exchange of insults engaged in as a game or ritual among black Americans." Why bring that up? Why indeed?

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That, in its essence, is fascism--ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or by any other controlling private power. -- Franklin D. Roosevelt --

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Isabella was an ass. Besides offing the Muslims, she also heaved out the Jews, and sent The Admiral over to ruin the Americas. The Hairball has mounted a portrait of her in his bedchamber, to which he masturbates frequently.

Rhapsody In Blue was written on a train, and was named after a Whistler painting. Grumps hated it, because they thought it brought communism to the music.

The Scream has been stolen twice. People 20170124_something_to_scream_about_18x24_oil_on_canvas.jpgcan't keep their hands off it.

Since Kant maintained the human mind creates human experience, he has refused to concede he is dead.

Fifty senators voted to convict The Clenis. They wanted it locked up in a penis prison.

Twelfth Night is for sure one of the funnest Shakespeares. Stick-butts are always wanting to ban it, because of how in it all the boys and girls are confused. A couple years ago it was thrown out of schools in New Hampshire as "alternative lifestyle instruction."

Georgia Day commemorates James Oglethorpe dumping some white people in a swamp that later became known as Savannah. Oglethorpe in 1734 established thereabouts the "Oldest Continuously Operating English Constituted Lodge of Freemasons in the Western Hemisphere," which of course means he was an Illuminati lizard person, and Georgia a locus of the New World Order.

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