NEW Improved Monday Open Thread: August 20 is World Mosquito Day - Invite one to lunch

August 20 is the 232nd day of the year; as well as Boomtime, Bureaucracy 13, 3184 YOLD to discordians.


At least 16 artists or groups have produced albums named simply 20 or Twenty. C'mon, folks we need 4 more.

Sunday Open Thread: August 20th is Saint Stephen's Day in Hungary

World History

On August 20, 1000, The Hungarian state was founded by Saint Stephen,
On August 20, 1083, The first King of Hungary, Saint Stephen, was canonized
On August 20, 1926, Japan's public broadcasting company was established
On August 20, 1940, Leon Trotsky was fatally wounded
On August 20, 1993, The Oslo Accords were signed

What's an alligator to do?

I fear the American public is descending into a series if mind-numbing, stupid combats between morons, idiots, and haters. This latest online "expose" reveals the basic lack of knowledge of the real world, existence of primeval hatred of the "other" and willingness to either denounce or reasonably approve of the exact demands of nature. Mr. Darwin, amongst his many other other contributions to human knowledge, first clearly declared the doctrine of "survival of the fittest".