Stop the Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical safety for the 21st Century Act (crossposted from The Daily Kos)

This article is not too one sided, in that it includes some critical commentary.

Sens. David Vitter and Tom Udall reach bipartisan agreement on new chemical safety bill | NOLA.com

It does quote Andy Ingrejas:

But Andy Igrejas, director of Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families, said the bill is still lacking needed safeguards.

"In its current form it would not make a big dent in the problem of toxic chemical exposure and would even do some harm by restraining state governments," Igrejas said. "While Senators Vitter and Udall have made some positive changes, the bill is not up to the important task of protecting public health."

Thursday Open Thread 03-12-15

Morning folks.
Some traveling music.

In the late 60s to early 70s, from the age of 18 to 21 I traveled the country by thumb, knapsack and sleeping bag, hair to the middle of my back, just me and the highway. I lead the rambling life. There's no feeling in the world like having no particular place to go, just the open road. I saw most of the country in those 4 years, the good and the bad and sometimes I wish I could go back.

The Caucus Cafe v1.5

Today’s Special: Cod Fritters

My mom made cod fish cakes about once a month when I was a kid. We were Catholic, so we didn't eat meat on Friday. Outside of the summer, there wasn't much fresh of anything to be found where I lived, and that was right next to the ocean. So, the fish mixture came out of a box. I ate the fish cakes – covered in ketchup because it was better than the once frozen one-pound block of mystery fish that mom over-baked on other Fridays.

A quick thought from a wingnut.

I don't think I was the only one who was not impressed with the"press conference" yesterday. Mrs. Clinton reminded me of herself from the 90's, which makes me wonder if she's a little out of touch with the times. As of today, I am removing the final 'e' from inevitable, and will now refer to her as the inevitabl Democratic nominee. I'll be curious to see if I feel the need to remove additional letters as time goes by. Peace, cw.