Status of MV Dali

There appears to be one tug alongside the container ship at the moment.
A fire boat is just below the stranded vessel. There are 3 crane barges
working in the debris area to the north. They have opened a small channel
under the bridge in that area. Several CG boats scattered around upstream
and downstream. The crew is still onboard running ship systems and helping
assist vessels. This is a graphic of current activity.

It's dizzying

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Have a doctor appointment this morning at 8:25 so will be a little late in hosting.
Had a bout of vertigo two weeks qgo that would not go away. Lasted for three days while working at the farm. On the fourth day I went to the ER per my doctor's instruction and got checked out.
EKG, two MRIs, and a blood panel later.

Attack of the vaccines

I understand that this site has closely followed the "pandemic" and the ongoing vaccine issues. Also that you have closely followed flccc.net which includes Kory and Marik. I have spent an estimated 3 hours per day on this topic for the last 3 years. Another site that was very important for me is by A Midwestern Doctor: The forgotten side of medicine.

The Weekly Watch

Mixing Myths
Hippity Hoppity Easter's Here Today

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The spring holidays have arrived. Today is Easter, we're in the middle of Ramadan, and next month there's Passover. I was amused when our nearby town had a spat about the Easter Egg hunt in the park for the local children. Some were saying it violated the separation of church and state. My first thought was where in the Bible is an egg laying bunny that brings children candy on Easter...must be near the book of Santa. Then I saw the sign in town. The egg hunt is being sponsored by a church and will have a religious message, a faith based egg hunt? So, maybe the town council was correct. Too bad they can't just let the kids play and have fun.

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Album of the Week 3-30-24

Afternoon folks!

An album by Muddy Waters starts us off this week, followed by a compilation of tunes from Little Junior Parker and Bobby Blue Bland - each from their early days with Duke records. After that there's a compilation album of r&b/doo-wop from Otis Williams and His Charms. Following that there's an album of Hot Tuna doing an acoustic set and an electric set live - I'm pretty sure that it's from a performance broadcast by KSAN in the early 70's. After that there's a Stray Cats album and we finish off with some bluegrass from The Dreadful Snakes, featuring banjoist Bela Fleck and Dobro monster Jerry Douglas.

Enjoy the tunes and have a great weekend!