We can't have real infrastructure spending cause the GOP

You've read this since at least 2010. Dems don't have the votes so we can't do this or do that. FDR had a super majority, Obama doesn't. I've always subscribed to something Paul Wellstone talked about, in my words: If you make your case to the voters they will respect you for it, and more often than not, vote for you.

Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, Part 1 - Our Personal Disconnect

The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are our longest and third longest duration wars for the United States and yet few Americans have been personally touched by them. While our second longest war, Viet Nam, was fought with draftees, these two current wars are being fought using a very scaled down, all volunteer military.

Important Announcement

The tag field problem has been corrected. I am 99.99% sure of it. Filling in the tag field is now required again to publish a diary and the tags page has also been enabled. If anyone has any problems with the tags please Private Message me by clicking my user name and then click the "Send this user a private message" link. I will leave this announcement up as a sticky for a while so hopefully everyone sees it. Thank you.

Slaying the Sacred Cows: Identity Politics, Outrage Porn, and Lifestyle Branding

Here's a quick question: What was the progressive community outraged about last week? How about last month?
I'm not talking about real issues, like inequality or the Forever War we are engaged in.
I'm talking about the never-ending serious of petty outrages that the online community loves and can't do without. You know what I'm talking about.

Morning Open Thread: While everyone is focused on XL

When a ruptured pipeline spilled 20,000 barrels of oil into a North Dakota wheat field last month, a state health official said it was “the best place it could’ve occurred” — far from population centers and water supplies. But what if a similar spill occurs in the worst place?

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