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The farce of American politics. Politics just don't move me no more. They are useless here there and everywhere.They have been captured for lack of a better definition. They are gone daddy gone if you actually care or look at what is going down. It isn't like we got here over night, They took a long time to evolve this latest global fuckatude. We are all trapped by the powers that be. Bernie? Nothing seems to be able to put this Humpty together again.

Open Thread 08-18-15

Good morning 99percenters!
Morning news dump and music by Dick Dale.

World’s Nuclear Facilities Vulnerable to Cyber-Attacks
Stuxnet, the computer virus introduced into the Iranian nuclear program by Israel and the US has now escaped into other program in other countries

As hackers continue to rampage through closely-guarded information systems and databases with monotonous regularity, there is a tempting new target for cyber-attacks: the world’s nuclear facilities.