Open Sesame 08/15/15

(I am at present both lazy and busy, and so am going to default this week to a reprint, an artifact of the early age of the intertubes. It was created on a boxy little ur-Mac, powered by hamsters. The "hook" for hanging the thing here today is that tomorrow marks the death-day of Elvis Presley, and the piece, originally titled "Do The Right Thing," is about Presley, mostly. Sort of. At the time I was freelancing for a publication that liked to assign me to events that were Strange. This event was strange all right, but it was also boring and pathetic. After, later, while I was wondering how in the world to transform it into something worth reading, I was assailed by terminal tooth death. Christ that was pain. If there is pain worse than that, I don't want to know about it. I threw everything I had at it, including liquid morphine left over from the final days of my ex-wife's grandfather. The shit barely made a dent. I would just have to ride it out. While meanwhile writing something so I could get money to buy the plywood coffin they would bury me in when this tooth killed me. Then, somehow, the pain and the morphine and the cloves and the ice and the whiskey and the aspirin permitted me to first envision and then inscribe the event in its Platonic form; the way it really was; the thing itself. So, it all worked out. As it generally does. Until you really do die.)

The Darkest Chapter in Human History

Two weeks and 73 years ago, the German war machine seemed indestructible.
   Nazi tanks were advancing through southern Russia and chewing up the Soviet army. Rommell had crossed the Egyptian border and the British army appeared to be defeated. U-Boats were sinking allies ships in the Atlantic at a furious rate.

Cartoon: Les Beastiables -- Carly Ferretina, Presidential Candidate!

Les Beastiables ("Les Bez"): Beasties say the darnedest things!

Today's Beastiable is Carly Fiorina. In a recent interview, she talked about paid family leave as a competitive benefit for companies, not a right for women. I thought this was one of the things she has said that was beastly enough that she has earned her turn as one of Les Beastiables.

Carly Ferretina decides only the privileged few should have paid family leave.

NOTE FOR NEW READERS: This series features a new Les Beastiables cartoon every Friday afternoon/evening here at caucus99%. We indulge in a little Franglish because the French are tres classy. But I digresse.

For serious information and discussion, please join me below the break. Then you'll be able to "cleanse your palate" with a cute photo before you leave.

OT - Gardening in the times of severe climate change

I am a gardener. A life long organic gardener who's goal has always been to grow organic food and create aesthetic landscaping that is sustainable, native, and promotes the general welfare of the planet. I'm also an urban gardener who's plot of land is a small 100x50 including a big 1914 old house. I have gardened and developed this small plot for 25 years. My veggie garden is a raised bed that measures 150 square feet. This year it looks like the dust bowl.

Life On Kos

Currently some one thousand people are locked away in a football stadium on the Greek island of Kos. They have no food, and very little water. Maybe there are sanitation facilities. Accounts differ. Some say two toilets. Some say six. Some say none.

Morning Open Thread - Wednesday August 12, 2015

Good Morning, 99%'ers! Today is the second day of our roofing experience. Yesterday, before the roofers left, they asked if it would be okay if they came at 6:30 am today. I am sure they wanted to get ahead of the heat as it was obvious the heat was a factor for them yesterday. But that also means that they will be here before daylight. So we will all be waiting for the sunrise tomorrow morning.

Open Thread 08-11-15

Good morning 99percenters!
I don't have time to put a decent OT together so this will have to do. This Tuesday time slot is now open if someone would like to take it. If someone wants to put together a better OT, have at it, I can delete this one later. Thanks.