I wrote a diary in the Daily kos regarding current US foreign policy in Ukraine and Syria. I believe this response to that diary is a perfect example of Democrats in this day and age.

I will take American officials arming neonazis in Ukraine (even if I were to accept your characterization, which I do not) over Russians making us NOT arm them every day of the week and twice on Sundays. And I think anyone who wouldn’t should just go ahead and move to Moscow already and let the Americans figure out America for ourselves.

Sens. McCain/Graham/McConnell talking about sanctions on Russia

with someone they thought was the Ukrainian prime minister. He wasn't. They got recorded.

The usual incredible hypocrisy! McCain was involved in the violent Kiev coup, along with the CIA and the rest of the neocons, so he knows that Russia wasn't involved - but it's a good excuse to agitate for war with Russia, yelling about Russian "provocations"!