Tulsi Gabbard

I'd like to see Tulsi take the McCarthyites to school

Can you imagine if Tulsi wore a red pantsuit to the next debate? It would create a Ruskophobia meltdown. The hillbots would be screaming hither and yon about how she's no longer hiding her true allegiances, etc.

And if I were Tulsi, I'd wait about an hour and then have a helper in the audience shout out the number of tweets that mention "Tulsi + Red + Russia" since the debate began.

Kim Iverson's response to allegations that Tulsi is not progressive

I was thinking of using Kim Iversen’s recent video on political positions as a comment for Not Henry Kissinger’s essay on "The Democratic TriParty (Part 1: The Players)." But since his essay is the first of several parts on a more specific topic, this might be too far OT, so I’ve decided to present it on its own. Kim’s video offers some necessary definitions with which we may or may not agree, along with a rational defense of Tulsi’s inherent progressivism.

Bernie and Tulsi and polls

Will Tulsi qualify for the next debate? That depends on how it's measured.

Since then, Gabbard has shot past the 130,000 donor threshold, and as of Aug. 11, she was sitting at 159,514 individual donors. That took care of one-half of the qualification criteria for the next two debates.

Where Gabbard is seeing some struggles is in the polling numbers. Well, sort of.