Trump is blowing up globalism

Trump is an idiot. He's easily the dumbest president this country has ever had, but even a stopped clock is right twice a day.
I'm no fan of globalism, because in globalism the multinational rules the national. Democracy does not exist at the multinational level, only capital does.
That's why I'm tickled by Trump's incoherent, childish antics this week.

This ideological encirclement chart explains why we lost Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Back in March, I published a diary: Pivoting to the center doesn't help if you've been surrounded. It got some play back then, but I had sort of forgotten that piece. Eight month feels like a lifetime ago.

Clinton Friend McAuliffe: Clinton Will Flip on TPP

We've been saying for a very long time now that Hillary's opposition to the TPP is largely bullshit. She urged her delegates to oppose anti-TPP language in the party platform. She picked pro-TPP Tim Kaine as her VP. And now longtime Clinton friend Terry McAuliffe may have accidentally let the truth slip out:

Help me out here. Need links for How America Lost its Job.

You have been told that America lost its jobs because of Unions, and Regulation made it too expensive to manufacture in America. Well, this is not actually why or how it went down. You see there are many pieces to this puzzle, and I will try to show them to you and help you connect the dots.