Where the candidates stand on Free Trade

If you want to win the MidWest you have to oppose FTA's, but every single large corporation and wealthy donor supports FTA's. So ever since Bill Clinton, both parties have tried to obfuscate their position on the issue.

President Trump's position on FTA's is complicated.
He did tank TPP, but he's soft on TTIP.

NAFTA is being renegotiated into TPP 2.0

The first round of NAFTA renegotiations happened this week, and they have a very familiar feel.

Despite promises in March by US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer (USTR) that the negotiations would be transparent, the USTR now considers the documents and negotiations “classified” and they’ll be cloaked in secrecy.

Blind hatred and Hillary's "resistance" movement

We know that one of the reasons Hillary lost was that she had no positive positions - she was not "for" anything. Just "Trump, Trump, Trump, Russia, Russia, Russia!" Are we for anything? Or are we falling into Hillary's McCarthy-ite pattern? Here's an important three paragraphs, but there's a lot more worth reading in the article.

Dipshit Trump: A New Low for America (Thanks, Hillary!)

The Trump Era has only just begun and already we're seeing some of the worst attacks on the environment in recent memory. Dipshit Extraordinaire signed Executive Orders reinstating Keystone XL and the Dakota Access Pipeline. He owns stock in the company backing DAPL as well.


And Just Like That — Everything Changed

When the balance of power shifts in the world, you expect it to be a Big Thing. Am I right? Bombs bursting in air? But turning points are often very subtle. And this one happened just now.

It’s “time to say goodbye” to the United States, said Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte on a visit to China, where he and President Xi Jinping are turning the recently-frosty tide with bilateral agreements, while Washington now gets the cold shoulder.