The TPP ( or The Trump Pledge )

We all know that Shillary is gonna cave on the TPP. She wants those oligarchy neoliberal dollars flowing through her foundation and will not risk that. Shillary was for the TPP before she was against it. We all know that she " changed her mind " or " evolved " on the issue only because Bernie forced her to. She will be right back supporting it after the election.

I am sure she is telling foreign powers not to worry b/c she is for it RIGHT NOW!

Neoliberalism Is Dead

At least in academic circles according to Joseph Stiglitz:

Asked by Business Insider whether he thought the economic consensus surrounding neoliberalism was coming to an end, Stiglitz argued: "I can talk about this from the point of view of academia or even in policy circles. In academia, I think it has pretty well become rejected.

Clinton Friend McAuliffe: Clinton Will Flip on TPP

We've been saying for a very long time now that Hillary's opposition to the TPP is largely bullshit. She urged her delegates to oppose anti-TPP language in the party platform. She picked pro-TPP Tim Kaine as her VP. And now longtime Clinton friend Terry McAuliffe may have accidentally let the truth slip out:

Act now to stop latest push of the coup in the USA

I think there has already been a coup

In this session, the word coup is used about what the TPP will do to override the laws of the country

I didn't realize that it could be stopped if a few legislators flipped and then it would not even be brought up for a vote.

It has been secret for years and now it is out in the open and it is horrible

Food Safety, Environment, Jobs, Corporations suing the country

Obama's State Dept has been delaying many Clinton-related FOIA requests until after the 2016 election

Camelot Was More Than A Fairy Tale

It was a vision for the future, once which would have made the entire planet a very different place today had it been realized.

WindDancer 13's post, What the Media Would Like Us to Believe, looks at just one of the false visions We the People are expected to believe, in part so that we don't upset the profitably rotten corporatist apple cart. There are many more.

Panama and WhichHillary

Lots of commentary has been devoted to HRC's flurry of flip-flops, one that could easily fill one of Imelda Markos's shoe closets. However, there are other questionable aspects of HRC's behavior unrelated to flip-flops. One aspect is her plan for HRC's policies on Wall Street Reform. On TOP there is an excellent pro-Hillary diary by Ollie Garchie. Unlike many anti-Hillary stories and pro-Hillary diaries "over there", the "tone" of OG's diary is laudable, factual and almost compelling.