Russia Gate

Russia's Response to the Mueller Report

“It is an attempt to lay the blame at someone else’s door. This is not our problem. The problem is in US politics... The other team lost. They are reluctant to acknowledge the mistake. It is easier to say, “We are not to blame, the Russians are to blame, they interfered in our election.” It reminds me of anti-Semitism: the Jews are to blame for everything. We know what such sentiments can lead to. They lead to nothing good.

A Clean Well-Lit Place to Expand Your View — in Moscow

If you have time to kick back for a few minutes, and would like a refreshing overview of "these dark days of the Hoax" — I think you might enjoy my favorite RT show, Crosstalk with Peter Lavelle. Today we'll travel to Moscow and watch the wacky end-of-the-Hoax events through international eyes.

Did Obama Obstruct Hillary's Prosecution?

DOJ Prevented FBI From Pursuing Gross Negligence Charges Against Clinton

Early in the Hillary Clinton email case, the Department of Justice reached a decision that would have far-reaching implications for the FBI’s investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server.

Are the Wheels Finally Coming off Russia Gate?

A baby born when Robert Mueller started his investigation would be talking by now. But would she have anything to say?

Michael Isikoff and David Corn were the first ones to talk about Trump colluding with Vlad to steal the election from Herheinous and they went on to write a bestselling book on it.