Polling reveals that people who always support wars are usually idiots

Anyone who thinks that supporting the troops means supporting pointless wars, or that bombing villages somehow "teaches them a lesson" is not a deep thinker. When you encounter people that reflexively support wars against places and people that they know absolutely nothing about, you should be aware that you are dealing with someone who is both ignorant and angry.

Judging Morality

We don't usually turn to Nashville based evangelical firm LifeWay Research for good news of any sort.

But LifeWay has surveyed 1000 Americans and found that nearly 60% do not believe that it is morally wrong for someone to identify with a gender different than the one usually associated with the one assigned at birth. And the majority do not believe that it is morally wrong to change one's body to match one's gender identity by taking hormones or having surgery.

A majority of Americans reject the view of a creator giving them a gender that shouldn’t be changed.

--Scott McConnell, LifeWay Executive Director

Marquette Poll, WI: Sanders 49, HRC 45

The likely Democratic voters are split very much along age, Sanders leads 83-12 in the 18-29 demo, but trails 31-63 in the over 60+ demo.

Sanders trails with non-white voters, 42-58, but nonetheless leads Milwaukee City/County by 49-45. He leads the "Madison Media Market" 52-42, but his greatest regional lead is in the north and west of the state (much of which is rural): 54-42.