Kapitol Killers, starring A. Occasional-Cortex, aided by N. Pelosi (S.F.)

Statement of Bias: Biden sucks--watch out if he puts his teeth in when he does.

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The End of Policing

This week, Lee Camp interviewed Alex Vitale, author of End of Policing.

Vitale proposes that we as a society rethink how we deal with the societal problems which we currently use the police for.

For example, Portugal has made great strides in diminishing their drug problem by legalizing all drugs. Moreover, related problems like HIV, STD’s and overdoses have decreased dramatically.
Instead of involving the police, offenders are given treatment.

The self-deification of police

Welcome to the World of Dr. Mengele, courtesy of the Salt Lake City Police. Unlawful search and seizure. Whazzat? 4th Amendment. Those bullies in blue (BIB) don't give a rip! Yeah, we need police to serve and protect, not to coerce and detain. How much of this is going to go? Ask J. Beauregard Sessions--quick catch him before he puts his white robe on. Ask D. John Trump, if you can catch him of Twitter or a golf course.

Fighting in the Street--Why did the police hold back?

Charlottesville and before it, Berkeley, were the scenes of bloody confrontation. In the former instance a premeditated murder (or manslaughter with reckless indifference) occurred. In the latter, one example was a demonstrator being hit in the head by a University Professor with a bicycle lock and chain.

This is the Summer of Hate, about which I wrote only a few days ago.