An Update on My Cat

A little while ago I wrote about the tough decision to re-home my cat, Mr. Mittens. After spending a few days on my partner's grandmother's porch and being told he's too old to adopt (He will be 10 in March), my mother in law decided to take him (it was her partner's idea) and it seems to be going pretty well considering he's now living with another cat and a small dog, a Chorkie, they call them. He's been wearing a Feliway collar while acclimating.

Resilience: How Pets and Working Animals Make Us More

This is a brief reflection on our 3-year old Golden Retriever named Lady; hoping that you would contribute your stories and we would discuss how pets and working animals make us more of everything: more human, more resilient, more happy, more safe, more compassionate, more healthy, and so forth. More below.