Pete Buttigieg

Carnage Watch over the Primary Season

The highly anticipated release of The Des Moines Register Iowa Poll — considered one of the most important and most respected polls of the Primary season — was canceled Saturday night ahead of the Iowa caucuses. Over the years, The Des Moines Register Iowa Poll has been regarded as the Oracle that foretold the ultimate winner of the Democratic nomination. The 2016 Iowa Caucus results for the Democratic Party are still held under a cloak of suspicion for being rigged, even by The Des Moines Register, itself.

The official excuse for pulling the poll was because Pete Buttigieg's campaign complained that his name had been omitted by one of the poll interviewers.

So while the masses hide in their homes --

or at least while that portion of the masses which HAS homes rests in their homes, there are at least a few people in Florida paying attention -- and they've formed the Underwater Homeowners Association, a group dedicated to showing the neighbors that they are minimally paying attention

Yet another slick, fraudulent neoliberal Dem

I had been ignoring the patently corporate campaign of nobody Pete Buttigieg - until I came across this definitive demolition of the man's fake persona. The article goes into immense detail, which I suppose is necessary to rebut the flood of corporate media puff pieces that are being cranked out.

Pete Buttigieg: 2020 Democratic candidate surges to third place

in new poll.

"Pete Buttigieg has surged to third place in a new poll of Democratic presidential candidates, ahead of Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren and Beto’Rourke.
Shortest Way Home review: Pete Buttigieg as president in waiting

The 37-year-old mayor of South Bend, Indiana, won the backing of 11% of likely Iowa Democratic caucus voters in an Emerson poll released on Sunday.