In Guardian UK, in a speech where she is addressing an extremist organization, Nancy Pelosi seems to tell us our country's system is corporatism, not democracy. Period.

Chatham House is an elitist organization that does not believe in democracy, Like Anglophile Bill Clinton and his disciples, it pushes an illegitimate global economic governance of by and for the wealthy.

Nancy Pelosi oversees the death of the Democratic Party

The Killing of George Floyd and the Final Fracturing of the Democratic Party, Labor, and Civil Rights Coalition

George Floyd being killed by a police officer in Minneapolis is not simply about the death of one Black man. His death also killed an historic but uneasy alliance among the Democratic Party, labor unions, and the civil rights movement. The reaction to his death is ending the last vestiges of the historic New Deal coalition that defined progressive politics in American for at least 50 years, ushering in an era where it now appears that the Democratic Party and the civil rights community are at odds with labor and unions.