Open Thread

Open Thread - 1/26/24 - TGIF Odds and Ends

Has everyone gotten their fill of rain? It is wreaking havoc in the vicinity. Evacuations, closed roads, closed lake, and a bit of history is now underwater. Conroe, Texas, never has the money to repair bridges, and now, they will never repair an iconic bridge, which you can read about below. They do have well-paid police, as cowardly as they were way back when.

Open Thread - Thurs 25 Jan 2023 - CityRocks and Privateers!

CityRocks and Privateers

I think the stress of the last few weeks has finally caught up with me. My thoughts and mind are completely blank it seems, and I can't get around that right now. So, let's do some fun music and this open thread is OPEN! Smile

In Hungary there is/was this 'thing' called CityRocks (youtube channel). It's basically a flash mob, 500 musicians or so, that get together and play songs. They started in 2017. And... they rock Smile .

Here they are playing some Queen - 'We Will Rock You!' And all I got to say is DRUMS!