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Friday Night Photos Winter Solstice Edition

Happy Winter Solstice to all. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Festivus or some other pagan ritual of your choosing be safe and enjoy the season. As always, post whatever you got.

My plan was to get one night this week and get some photos of the holiday lights, unfortunately my back had other plans and I was not able to get out so tonights photos are reruns from the past.

Friday Night Photos Reflections Edition

Happy Friday everyone. As always, post whatever you got.

Well, winter has arrived in southern Ca. We got about an inch of rain on Tuesday, and it was cold enough Wednesday night to freeze the water in the birdbath. Hope everyone is staying warm and dry.

A few reflection shots from a much warmer and drier day. Okay, drier for me, not so much for the birds.