New World Order

President Trump To Declare National Emergency in Tuesday White House Address


In a blow to the Globalists "Open Borders" policy, and the obstruction efforts by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to block our Country from ever protecting its Southern Border, President Trump will now give a public address from the White House on Tuesday Night to declare a National Emergency and take Executive action to secure our own Country's Borders.


As the World Turns, the Big Picture gets Lost in the Haze

"Purple haze all in my eyes
Don't know if it's day or night
You got me blowin', blowin' my mind
Is it tomorrow, or just the end of time?"

"Two top former U.S. intelligence officials said Sunday that President Trump is being “played” by President Vladi­mir Putin on Russia’s interference in the 2016 election and accused him of being susceptible to foreign leaders who stroke his ego."

End U.S. Imperialism - "Coalition Against U.S. Foreign Military Bases"

end u.s. imperialism.jpg

Pretend you're at a carnival game booth and when you knock a U.S. foreign military base off the map you get a cute little stuffed animal. For every subsequent base you knock off, you can trade up for a bigger prize. Maybe even free health care and college education FOR ALL! `

U.S. Navy needs more Ships to Rule the World


Beyond all the bullshit about the election hacking, the plutarchy's duopoly and whatever else the Ministry of Truth tells people to talk about on a daily basis, the New American Century continues. Seemingly lost in all the talk about Trump and Clinton, as usual, is the fact that Serfs will be Serfs, Rulers will be Rulers and the Empire will march on.

The Quest for the New World Order

The incessant Russia/Putin propaganda we've been subjected to over the last four years along with the aggressive U.S. actions against Russia, i.e., Ukraine regime change, further encroachment of NATO on its borders, sanctions, the U.S. led Syria and Libya wars, etc., have led many to believe a military war with Russia might happen.