New Hampshire

Tulsi, Bernie, Buttigieg, and Biden--Post Iowa

So, after the shambles that was the Iowa caucus, it seems the first real measure of things will end up being the New Hampshire primary, which takes place on Feb. 11.

Right now, Bernie is far out in front in all NH polls over the past few days--sometimes by as much as 12 points.

Tulsi Gabbard Makes Fourth (October) Debates!!!

The Monmouth New Hampshire poll came in today, and Tulsi got a high 2% in that qualifying poll.

Monmouth NH Poll

This secures a spot in the October debates. Steyer has as well, meaning that 12 candidates will be in the debates. It is unknown whether they will split up the candidates over 2 days or have them all in 1 day at this point.

Pretty freakin' cool.

Tulsi Polls at 6% in New Hampshire HarrisX Poll--In 4th Place, Ahead of Kamala Harris!!! (Update at bottom)

For all those thinking the recent Emerson poll giving Tulsi 6% in New Hampshire was a fluke, here is a second poll confirming that 6% status:

HarrisX New Hampshire Poll

What is interesting about this poll is that only Biden, Sanders, and Warren score above Tulsi. Everyone else is below her, including Harris and Buttigieg.

A creepy obsession in New Hampshire

The New Hampshire Union Leader attacked Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the entire Obama Administration in an editorial for "creeping into bathrooms."

The Justice Department has filed a ridiculous lawsuit against North Carolina for its law overturning a Charlotte ordinance that told private businesses how to manage their bathrooms.

The eradication of any legal distinction between the sexes, even in terms of basic biological functions, is a creepy obsession on the left. Lynch’s attempt to abuse the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and the Violence Against Women Act in pursuit of this bit of social engineering undermines those landmark laws.