Why inflation is likely to accelerate after the election

The markets celebrated last week when energy prices fell, and this allowed the inflation rate to decline slightly.
What most people don't realize is that a large part of that decline in energy prices came from the U.S. federal government and it's about to run out.

The Weekly Watch

World Events and COVID Updates

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This week the G7 and NATO met trying to plot China and Russia's demise. It is almost comical. Russia's special op in Ukraine continues in a relentless grind. The western economies continue to inflate...when will they pop? The court has been wreaking havoc throwing Roe back to the states and eliminating the power of the EPA to regulate power plant emissions. In the midst of all this it is no wonder COVID has dropped off the radar, but it is still with us...mainly variants BA4 and BA5 which are immune escaped meaning they infect vaxed and previously infected people.