Was the ICE protest death in Tacoma a DHS sting/false flag operation?

I want to start off by saying that I am not a journalist or investigator, and I don't have access to any information about what happened in Tacoma than any of you do. What I will try to do here is look at the MSM/MIC narrative that has been created around this incident, and put this in the context of surrounding events. So what follows is strictly speculation.

The Gestapo returns.

Nothing has changed.
First they came for the trade unionists. The private sector unions were decimated with regulations, neutered of rights to organize, and limited in its revenue gathering. Then the public sector unions came under attack and is some instances rendered powerless. So far, the only public unions NOT under attack are the police and fire unions. Which are the only people the ruling junta needs to complete and hold their conquest.
And no one spoke up.

Hey Anti-Illegal Immigration Activists, I got a solution for the problem if you truely want it fixed...

I am not anti-immigrant, far from it considering my family hasn't been here for very long itself, but I do agree that we should have some controls and requirements to become a citizen, but that isn't what I want to focus on.

What I would like to address is what seems to me to be the most obvious approach to dealing with those entering or staying in the country illegally.