There is no "crisis at the border"

You expect Trump to lie about immigration. After all, without xenophobia and scapegoating Trump doesn't have much to sell.
But when I see even the Democrats use the term "crisis at the border" then you know the rhetoric has left the realm of reality.
I'm going to bust some myths with this essay.

Myth #1) There is an "invasion".

Trump Declaring National Emergency to Build the Wall

Two Rangers, now vets, encourage troops not to go to border UPDATED Breaking

069-800x600 saws essay  .jpg President Trump is attracting a diverse group of critics for his political stunt of sending active military on top of the National Guard already there on the southern border, trying to sell it as protecting us from sick and impoverished group of asylum seekers weeks away from making it to the US border.

Immigration - not the hill I want to die on

Trump's immigration/deportation exercises are getting a lot of pushback from the liberal community. Frankly, I find myself wanting to feel that this issue is really important, but honestly, I just don't give much of a shit about it. All countries have borders and many of them are far more strict about controlling immigration than the US. I don't see anyone actually advocating open borders, which I could understand at least for the functional consistency of it.

My Incident Report

At 5am a-week-ago Monday I received a text from an organizer. There was an incident in Beach Flats with ICE — Immigration & Customs Enforcement. There were also incidents in Live Oak, on Ocean St. and at 41st. At 5:15 I texted everyone who I thought could help. No one replied. I tried calling. Nothing. I finally called J. He wasn't on my list but is a good friend. He answered.

Taking the hypocrisy out of the immigration debate

This country badly needs an honest and intelligent debate about immigration, but neither side appears to be willing or able to do so.
On the Republican side they scream "terrorism", when it's a proven fact that the immigration ban has absolutely nothing to do with terrorism.