US to "back up" China and Indias demand for Natural Gas, "until its dry" Gas export will lead to loss of much rental housing nationwide

US families, as long expected will soon be engaged in a bidding war for natural gas for cooking and heating with the other 7 billion people in the world, adding an unknown amount to our heating and cooling bills.. A story in the New York Times shows how the real news is skillfully hidden and concealed.. And How we are being manipulated by the Russia Russia Russia dialog..

what are we doing to help fix the housing crisis today.

What about manufactured housing. We could figure out ways to make affordable housing cheaper.

People neeed housing they OWN. Because of the deference we give proprty owners, renters are never able to feel secure as renters. that they will have stability and privacy and safety.

But housing is importance for peoples sanity and safety. Why cant we devote our energy to building a standard inexpensive affordable small homes. A standard small affordable home.

"Churchill's Secret War" book, are its assertions true?

I don't know how many people know that the main countries of the British orbit are discussing creating an ANglo-centric customs union, it seems to me to provide cover for the dismantlement of the UK's popular NHS. (Which they put under a cloud by leaving the EU. In all the commotion the fact that GATS prevents countries from subsidizing services in competition with corporate suppliers of said services got completely ignored.

South Africa's white slums movie shows how things have changed.

Many white South Africans are now finding it hard to get decent jobs and housing so squatter camps like Coronation Park are growing rapidly.

WHite people still own most of the wealth in South Africa, though. This film I think is being deceptive about how unequal it still is there.

These are the white people who didn't get ahead enough then to stay employed now.