"Churchill's Secret War" book, are its assertions true?

I don't know how many people know that the main countries of the British orbit are discussing creating an ANglo-centric customs union, it seems to me to provide cover for the dismantlement of the UK's popular NHS. (Which they put under a cloud by leaving the EU. In all the commotion the fact that GATS prevents countries from subsidizing services in competition with corporate suppliers of said services got completely ignored. But the fact that the UK is prevented from paying as they currently do for Britons healthcare by a portion of the GATS agreement that the UK itself is alleged to have written, (by somebody with first hand knowledge of this fact) seems as if it would be something that the UK government would llke to cover up. Just as efforts to obscure the real reason for the US's lack of affordable healthcare are the subject of endless shameful cover up attempts.

Anyway I think that the US would be wise to disengage from associations with the UK, Canada and AUStralia and New Zealand, because it might make it easier for the Global South to justify this huge theft from us, which is aimed directly at us because we are he country with the largest middle class.. The oligarchies see us as a problem, because US workers earn decent paym, an anomaly they are seeking to change. d. Iit doesnt provide any kind of paying back for past wrongs, (which we had nothing to do with) to bankrupt our country's people. And it makes no sdnse to build up foreign billionaires, who are far from poor in any way. Additionally these countries are not worthy of our aid as they are doing well, as far as creating billionaires, they are doing it by leaving their poor to fend for feed and educate themselves. The wealthy want us to emulate them. We should be speaking up against the oligarchs' global neoliberal coup. We should be rejecting it. They have a horrible track record.

Anyway, after having read Mike Davis's "Late Victorian Holocausts" a very good book, I have been meaning to read this other book
"Churchill's Secret War". , which is often mentioned alongside it,
Mike Davis's book also explains the dark history of the ENSO which has been the cause of countless global famines, not global warming, (although global warmng may be making thee cyclic periods of severe drought (El Nino) and flooding (La Nina) We need to look at hat has worked at saving millions of lives againstthis global starvation ( historically) and what has NOT worked, the strict UK ideology which is basically that poor people die because its Gods will, which is insane.

Anyway, I enjoyed Davis's book a lot and learned a great deal from it. made me more aware of this really dark side to the British Empire and its history. I am sure that we are going to come under great pressure to join this Canzuc, but I hope people realize that each of these trade deals is chock full of bad stuff, that the whole point of these deals is to cripple and gut democracy, and that already they have pout us on course for several major disasters. Basically, they are giving the financial services industry carte blanche to strip the people of this country of all they own, and commit fraud. (Since we let them get away with it last time, we are in a bad situation. We cannot discriminate against foreign banks, who will happily foreclose on the illions who will be losing their jobs at that time, because of the planned liberalization. And the fact that high perceived value US jobs are the reward of the Global South outsourcing firms for playing along with the US's global trade agenda. They make absolutely huge profits by brokering jobs and its basically free money for them, as the workers families sometimes literally pay to be given jobs, too. Plus they often work for very little. Its unfair to make people work like slaves for years for almost nothing or pay huge sums of money in order to immigrate to a country thats just unfair to anybody. . It will mean a big windfall for the staffing firms if tens of millions of workers become redundant and they are basically given the contracts to do the work. At a huge mark-up. Its a huge rip off of all humanity, of everything thats public now. Giving it to the very rich, there is no way this can be omitted, Its all being stolen.

How does this work? Well its a scheme whose intent is to privatize practically everything everywhere, everywhere. Really. US workers will become pawns in a global game, their rights putting millions of US workers, especially public servants, who often thought of their jobs as stable, in danger of losing their careers, not just jobs. Social Security will be in great danger too. Its as if we already gave it away. However due to GATS and likely TISA they will be right in the target of the privatizers. The huge transition which is basically "NAFTA for thr rest of the jobs" has been delayed for almost three decades, and has been incredibly controversial.

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