So why are the elites trying to crash the economy?

So here's a theory: they're doing this, raising interest rates and such, because they want to plow all of that money they were gifted from Congress into real estate, and the real estate prices are too high at this time:

Oh and look who showed up at the World Economic Forum!

It's Mr. and Ms. We Can't Support Build Back Better Because You'll Have To Ask Our Paymasters Why.

They're partyin' down! Are you?

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With what? Money created by the trillion to paper over the massive reduction of global production in 2020. The markets are floating above the clouds with the emblematic Dow gliding along above 33,000 -- more than 30% higher than it was in 2017. Push will someday catch up with shove.

Recession? We have a depression ahead of us as the global economy has been fundamentally disrupted. Was this the real objective of the bizarre and unprecedented globalized contraction of 2020? Conceivably not, but personally I believe that crazy is as crazy does.

Maybe this Big Dog Palaver about a recession is yet another buy low, sell high gambit as the video suggests, and, as an individual, I really hope that is all it is. I fear that 1929 will seem like a hiccup compared to the collapse to come.

The "bottom line" is that you cannot have more than you produce.

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I cried when I wrote this song. Sue me if I play too long.

It is not about banks, real estate, or US economy. It is about maintaining control of
their assets. And thereby maintaining imagined control of the world. The billionaires
couldn't care less about agriculture, climate change and social inequities. You would
have to see it from their selfish perspective to understand. More is less for the rest.

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@QMS -- everywhere on the globe (meaning EVEN across the United States) -- would result in the sort of chaos one sees today in Peru (see Gjohnsit's diary above): large numbers of people with no real future under the existing order except as handy-dandy labor tools of the existing order are beginning to realize that bringing down the existing order carries no risk for them. This is so because the idea of "nothing left to lose" is no longer a cliche for them. The Peruvian underclasses REALLY DO have nothing left to lose. Thus you see the regime-changing attempt you see in Peru now, with the blockades and such.

Now let's globalize this vision. Crashing the economies of the whole of the First World, as seems to be happening now, will make the whole world into Peru. How would that be profitable for the rich few?

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"The West doesn't spend any time, or, our policymakers in Washington spend no time thinking about, like, what are the achievable goals here?" -- Tucker Carlson, on Project Ukraine