Great Reset

The Plan To Wreck America

The Plan To Wreck America

In America, we have an oligarch problem, and it’s much bigger than the oligarch problem that Putin faced when he became president in 2000. The entire West is now in the grips of billionaire elites who have a stranglehold on the media, the political establishment and all of our important institutions. In recent years we have seen these oligarchs expand their influence from markets, finance and trade to politics, social issues and even public health. The impact this group has had on these other areas of interest, has been nothing short of breathtaking. Establishment elites and their media not only stood foursquare behind Russiagate, the Trump impeachment, the BLM riots and the January 6 fiasco, they also had a hand in the Covid hysteria and the host of repressive measures that were imposed in the name of public health. What we’d like to know is to what extent this group is actively involved in the shaping of other events that are aimed at transforming the American Republic into a more authoritarian system?

Open Thread - 12-16-22 - A Most Joyous Holiday Season

What the world needs, right now, coming into this holiday season is, less war, less pestilence, less famine, less hate. The world needs more peace, more love, more economic justice, and less Useless Parasitic Eaters. Right now.

Would it not behoove the world to shed itself of that which causes those blights that threaten its existence?

Shed itself of that which, in light of peak oil and climate change, is a major cause of both maladies. Those that fly private jets to all points of the world. Those that flaunt a lavish lifestyle while calling for austerity for all we Bob Cratchits and Tiny Tims of the world. Those that control the largest consumers of oil and the biggest cause of climate change, the militaries. Those that point fingers at the common folk of the world as they rape the planet. Those that eat kobe steak while suggesting the world eat insects. Those that use their wealth to stomp on the necks of their misplaced ideation of the great unwashed. Those that want the world as their oyster at our expense. Those that want far less competition for the remaining resources that they see as their own. Those that want it all because they consider themselves the crown of creation, as they sit upon their piles of ill-gotten wealth.

We, the world, need less Klaus Schwab, less Yuval Harari, less Bill Gates, less WEF.


Open Thread - 08-26-22 - Schwabean Dreams are Made of These

I'm sitting here at my desk, Friday morning, unprepared and wondering what I am going to write about. I had a rough day yesterday mowing, trimming and pulling vines from a chain link fence which is always a great pleasure. If you've ever had to do that then you know about the exquisite jollification of intertwined vines and metal. The grass and all things green just took off with the recent long awaited rains here in east Texas. Today will be another day of mowing, 4 acres worth. It's good seeing green grass again.

Granma.jpgThrough the window I can see that damn squirrel on the bird feeder scarfing down all of the sunflower seeds again. It's a pesky little tree rat, as Fat Freddie would say, or was it Free Wheelin' Franklin? Invoking the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers always calms me. I wonder what those old boys would have to say about current affairs. Oh yeah, it would go something like "Weed will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no weed", or some such. It's that kind of philosophical wisdom that calms me, if you catch my drift.

I usually jump up and run outside and chase that fluffy tailed menace from the feeder, but you know what, it's just trying to survive like everything and everybody Grampa's_Car.jpgelse. So I'm going to take a pass today and leave the squirrel alone. I think that's a sentiment that we'd all like to see more of in our lives. Just leave us alone and let us manage our lives as we seem fit. But you know how those damned power hungry megalomaniac types are. They like to poop in people's boots, just like Fat Freddie's cat.

Speaking of megalomaniacs. Are you all getting as tired of this Klaus Schwab character as much as I am? Just who the hell does he think he is? (See what I did there)? Does he really think he can rule the world? Does he really think he can tamp down human spirit? Good luck with that Dr. Evil.

I wonder what Klaus dreams about at night?


Open Thread - 05-13-22 - A Cautionary Tale

Folks, don't do this.

The neighbor's pet chimpanzee escaped again last night. He sneaks across the yard, through the window, and loves to bang on the keyboard of my computer. I've lost count of how many times he's done this.

Soooo, after sharing some 25% Indica and a few nips of Crown Royal with Gunther last night, yeah his name is Gunther (he's Austrian, OK?), I woke up on the sofa with him sleeping at my feet. Now if that's not weird enough, I sat down at my computer this morning and I found an open thread essay all typed out and ready to go.

Well, here it is Friday morning and I've prepared nothing for today's OT, and since I'm not sure who exactly wrote this essay, Gunther or myself, I will throw caution to the wind and publish it anyway.

I'll let you discern which simian brain concocted this flatulation of imagination.

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Davos leaders and the Great Reset

Two essays on this to consider when we talk about the Great Reset that Klaus Shwab wants to do to all of the world whether we the peons want it or not.

How did this come about? Who decided that this is what should be implemented for the whole world?

Guterres and the Great Reset: How Capitalism Became a Time Bomb

During the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly on September 20, 2021, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres lunged into a dire warning saying:

What is the Great Reset and How Could it Affect Us?

I have been waiting to see if someone much more knowledgeable than me would write an essay on the Great Reset. Unfortunately, we are stuck with my feeble attempt to tackle this subject. This essay will simply scratch the surface of what I see as at least one major implication of the Great Reset.