Friday Night Photos

Friday Night Photos - Spring..... Possibly edition

Something actually bloomed around here....... not outside though:

And this from warmer times. Ooooh!, warmth.... sounds good.

Bollox Minor is back from university, so posting will be limited (as is my understanding of quantum mechanics....... I'll leave that to Minor).

Friday Night Photos - Snowiest February Ever edition

And more coming down this first day of March. There must be about two feet sitting on the ground, going nowhere fast.

Anyway, here's the latest from the Grubble Telescope. Apparently, this is the first shot of the farthest reaches of Donald Trump's 'mind':

And here's a shot of warmer times:

Friday Night Photos - Minnesota Becomes Siberia edition

And it's only going to get worse. Next week, they're predicting a low of -26F!!! And that's without the wind chill.

I don't think I've taken a photo this week. Outside is not terribly pleasant. However, I came across this shot from an old National Geographic.