exit polling

an exit poll for California

In case you missed it, a commenter on a recent 28 May 2016 Richard Charnin blog: “the Institute for American Democracy & Election Integrity has arranged for the Columbus Institute of Contemporary Journalism to conduct an exit poll in California... they received a grant from Election Justice USA to cover the cost.


our oligarchy has killed off the remaining primaries

by cancelling exit polling.

This was just in on Charnin's blog, which is referenced from Richard Winger's site:


"On May 6, they cancelled exit polls for the Kentucky Democratic presidential primary, and for both major party primaries in California and New Jersey."

Manufacturing trust in US elections

The National Election Pool(NEP) is a cooperative arrangement between all major US mainstream media (MSM), to use election data solely supplied by Edison Research and Mitofsky International in order to publish exit polling data. It was formed out of the failure of the Voters News Service(VNS), begun for same purpose in 1990. The fiasco of 2002, when VNS failed to produce exit poll data because of glitches in software, resulted in disbanding of VNS and the NEP was formed.