empire and war crimes; Hands Off Iran!

small glimmers of hope for Iran & the JCPOA

‘No Room for Political Games at IAEA: Iranian President , March, 04, 2021, tasnim news english (CC)

“Iranian President Hassan Rouhani cautioned the European troika to avoid politicizing Iran’s case at the International Atomic Energy Agency as the UK, France and Germany are pushing for a resolution against Tehran in the UN nuclear agency’s Board of Governors.

“The (International Atomic Energy) Agency is not a venue for political games. Political games must be abandoned. The Agency is a place for technical work,” the Iranian president said on Thursday after inaugurating a number of projects carried out by the Interior Ministry.

Alarming Escalation: Eminent Iranian Scientist Assassinated

‘Top scientist assassinated as Israel and US stage war provocations against Iran’, Bill Van Auken, 28 November 2020 (w/ permission; I’ll paste in most if it, add other bits)

“The brutal assassination Friday of top Iranian nuclear physicist Moshen Fakhrizadeh marks a major escalation of the US-Israeli campaign to provoke a war with Iran in the less than two months before the scheduled end of Donald Trump’s presidency.

The Iranian scientist was ambushed by a team of assassins Friday morning in Absard, an eastern suburb of Tehran. His vehicle was attacked with automatic weapons fire, and then a pickup truck loaded with lumber covering explosives blew up next to the scientist’s car.

to those who'd watched the Iowa debate

...I'd like to ask if this is what you'd seen (minus his spin)? These bits are from Patrick Martin's Jan. 16, 2020 'Mideast war threat overshadows Democratic debate' (all bolds are mine.)

"All six candidates on the stage—including the nominal “socialist” Bernie Sanders, who has been appealing to antiwar sentiment at his campaign rallies—criticized Trump’s actions from the standpoint of advocating a more carefully considered strategy to defend and advance the interests of American imperialism in the Middle East and throughout the world.