SWEEEDEN Redux, again.

We see and hear selected news bits about and/or from Sweden at non-periodic intervals as fits various narratives. Thanks to Boing-Boing I found this article today. I'm pretty much just providing the information without comment, in part because I wont be here after 10:00 and don't want to post this before that because weekly watch is up and, as always, deserves attention and primacy. At any rate:

This is what is going on with the economy (simplified)

Have you wondered why the stock market has gone crazy, while the real economy slumps? Why the rich are getting so much richer, while the poor are getting so much poorer?
Oh, sure. There's plenty of fraud in this rigged economy, but how is it rigged?
This last question I can answer (from a bird's eye view).

We live in a bureaucracy (not capitalism, not democracy)

I'm new here and very grateful for the step up in intelligence this site has over DKos. However on economics and politics I'm puzzled by the number of very well written and researched essays that take our living in a capitalist or democratic country as a starting point.

Some points on that: