A Nation of Men and Women, not Laws

As a longtime leftie, I despair of the deliberately self-defeating tactics the so-called opposition is using to get rid of Trump: "blame Russia" and "Me Too". To pick these two tactics when there are so many other avenues for actually impeaching the man (before he sells what is left of America to the billionaire class, and then blows us all to kingdom come) shows what a phony, Kabuki theater our duopolistic political system has become.

Why Doesn't We Learn?

I don't get this continued attraction to the Democratic party by some on the left. Then again I do, it's like a cult, cults are hard to leave. Notice I didn't say, "the" left? I saw that in a Salon article posted here at C99 earlier where the author generalized that the left was the democratic party and vice versa. Time to end that bullshit.

Why I Am Proud of Caucus99percent

Some of us disagree with some others. We are strong enough to tolerate disagreement. There is no hatred here, and little vitriol that I've seen.

Macabre, murderous circuses like Charlottesville and the corresponding media furor do not shake us from our principles of reason, truth, and civility. They do not destroy our friendships.

Roundup-style spraying of US Ideals and Regulations

Gah. We have been doing our usual deal camping in Africa for a couple of months etc since April and only checking in from time to time, but when we do we are astounded at the attacks on all we hold dear by the current gov, the duopoly, and Mr. Trump.

This afternoon, instead of being out getting in some exercise further exploring old Venetia we got roped into reading C99 and other news.

The Problem With CTH's "Bend the Knee" Comment

is not that Will Menaker told the Clintonites they had to "bend the knee." It's the idea that we could ever work with those people again. Those people being the ones who *run* the neoliberal side of the party: politicians, pundits and their donors/employers. The people who did this:


and then this:

Would you Kill for Single Payer?

Bernie Sanders, Nina Turner, the Justice Democrats and the People's Summit democratic party cadre, the so called "progressive insurgency" of the democratic party, have made it clear that U.S. imperialism and the accompanying wars, regime changes, country balkanizations, and millions of deaths and brutal evictions are not high on their list of "issues".



419-1. That was the vote tally in Congress last Thursday to pass the "Korean Interdiction and Modernization of Sanctions Act" on to the Senate, which will no doubt nearly unanimously do the same. The only politician to vote no was a very conservative republican. Gabbard, all the current democratic party idols, voted yay for a clearly illegal and imperialist bill.

Trump and Democrats to Play Hardball with American Lives

alms for the poor_1.jpg

Our very own "Dear Leader", Trump, fresh off illegally firing Tomahawk missiles into Syria killing six children and the Mother of All Bombs into Afghanistan, is "thinking about" sticking it to American peasants to make the Democrats negotiate away our health care. These bastards.

Crevices: the pending and inevitable demise of the two party system

The last major US political party to be formed, the Republicans were born out of the collapse of the Whigs. What we are living through now is something even more momentous than the crisis of the War Between The States. I did not use the term "Civil War" advisedly. Yes the WBTS was civil but really only focussed on two broad economic issues: mercantilism versus slave labor.

Sanders Weasels Out, to Propose Public Option

Progress takes time, baby steps. If you want something, you have to start at the bottom and work your way up. That's the way Bernie Sanders sees it with health care for Americans. Instead of demanding a single payer health care system NOW, like that described in HR 676, a legitimate single payer plan that now has 72 cosponsors in Congress, Bernie thinks it's "prudent" to improve Obamacare first by adding a public option to it, to "work toward" Medicare for all.

Don't Call Me a Purist Again

(Warning: This essay has no redeeming value whatsoever, it's only purpose is to have a little fun, stir up some shit and make people hate each other.)

So evidently the term "purist" is being used, again, by some in the One Percent's Democratic Party, to describe the "progressive rebels" who are resisting the corporate democratic establishment.

"I voted for Trump, so there!"


Quick hit.

This is all over the internet and being discussed. I'll give it the Big Al angle.

This is just one person in one place, but it's interesting how it played out and how it's being played in the media. Most are calling it a racist rant and siding with the black employees while some are defending the white woman.