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Surprise! The Revolution Just Started – with the Delegates.

Take a look at this bit of innovative democracy:

With a little less than a month remaining until the start of the Democratic National Convention, a coalition of individuals and several groups has launched an effort to stop Hillary Clinton from winning the party’s nomination. Their goal: allowing pledged delegates at the convention to vote freely for the nominee and not be bound to to the former First Lady.

The Purpose of All Trump All the Time and why it needs to stop

In the last few days a hack of DNC information has been posted to the web in a variety of places including 'proper mainstream media entities" such as the Washington Post as well as a variety of blogs. A good bit of the hack, known as Guccifer 2.0, was provided to wikileaks and there is huge internet musing on what it may be.

OK so what's going on?

Yesterday I received an email pitch from the Sanders campaign:

When we began this campaign a little over a year ago we were considered to be a fringe campaign. But over the last year, I think that has changed just a little bit.

As of last night, we have won 22 state primaries and caucuses with more than 11 million votes.

OF COURSE, Bill got Trump to run! “A Grim Fairytale…” reveals all…

Today, Shaun King posted on Facebook the following:

"5 different people have confirmed that Bill Clinton spoke with Donald Trump right before Trump launched his campaign. Bill actually called Donald.
This should disturb you.…/bill-clinton-called-donald-trum…"

The linked Vanity Fair article says:

A Grim Fairytale....

Once upon a time....

In a Land Far, Far Away...

It was election time...

And there were two very crooked wizards, a husband and wife team, who were trying to get back the power of their kingdom, which they had lost in shame. Too many people knew about their evil ways and so these dark wizards knew they had to fool as many of the people as they could, so that they could steal the power back.... they had to weave a very special spell.

Waking up from the long sleep?

Gopal Balakrishnan:

On numerous occasions since the 90s the left has rallied to a center-right candidate to ward off the far-right and the results have been disastrous. Not only is the far right strengthened by bolstering its credentials as the only real opposition force to the establishment, the left is drastically weakened at the expense of the center-right.

Can a vote for Clinton save us from Trumpism?

This is apparently the issue the Clinton supporters, even of the "lesser of two evils" variety, use as a backstop. Never mind Clinton's reliance upon austerity planning and militarism, both of which suggest deep convulsions within society in their own rights. What's frightening to them is Trump -- his lack of proper manners, his sexism and racism, his bullying behavior.

A Reason why Elizabeth Warren might agree to run for VP

Liz Warren is possibly the smartest person in Washington. She's already proven herself to be effective, which does not require further emphasis by me. She does an exquisite job at skewering self-serving, sociopathic Banksters, Federal Revolving Door bureaucrats, Koch-suckers. She gets under the skin of Donald Trump like no one else can (three cheers for that attribute alone).

Don't Blame the Voters, Blame the Nominee and the Party.

I know that I have been writing a lot more than usual. I am generally not the type of person who shares a lot of my opinions in long, written rants. But I am currently going through one of my phases where politics seems to be on my mind constantly.

How Donald Trump Successfully Trolled America

Google is arguably the first tool that most people use to inform themselves about presidential candidates and election issues. People often use Google Search to ask political questions, while Google tries to guess the question and complete it while the user is still typing. The AI (artificially intelligent) algorithm Google employs for this feature is keyed to many environmental variables, but the most influential are terms and topics that are trending.

Thus, we come to Donald Trump. These days, people are searching his name often, and one of the most frequent questions they ask appears to be:

Is donald trump a republican or democrat?

The American people just aren't certain.