Expect the Worst from Democratic Party - A Cancellation of Remaining Primaries

Louisiana has postponed its primary. Don't be surprised if more states follow their lead. And then watch the increased push by media pundits and Dem Elites to declare that Biden, who leads in delegates (thanks to obvious election fraud) should be the nominee. Carville and Clyburn have already called for an end to the primaries to declare Biden the winner. They won't be the last.
Carville end primaries 2.png

About this Mayor Buttercup Guy – The Fly in the Ointment

This guy comes out of nowhere and is already a “leading democrat contender” for the democratic nomination. It's absurd. This guy is a nobody, with zero grassroots support, no infrastructure, fucking nothing, but he's already a “contender”, and came away from Iowa primary with more delegates than Bernie? Hmmm...

According to NYT, Obama "aides" opposed to Ellison as DNC

Chair because it would hand the party over to Sanders. No, let's keep the"legacy" alive and back the charismatic and effective Tom Perez or the like Sad .Sadly I am too computer illiterate to copy the link and post it here,but I'm sure someone else can do so. Wonder how soon Schumer will pull back his support for Ellison?

The Unraveling of the Democratic "Blue Wall"

Routine Maintenance.

Routine Maintenance is what keeps things running. It is what prevents more expensive problems, further on down the line.

The Democratic Party has forgotten that principle, especially when it comes the lives and the livelihoods of the blue collar workers, so callously discarded in a seemingly never-ending series of Trade Deals (designed for the top one percent) ...

Guccifer 2.0 has released a new trove of documents


“The hacker persona Guccifer 2.0 has released a new trove of documents that allegedly detail the Democratic National Committee’s network infrastructure, as well as more information on the DNC’s finances and Democratic donors, Forbes reported.

CEO and CFO out at the DNC

One small step for integrity, one giant leap for the DNC.


About friggin' time. Of course, they'll probably just be replaced by more able and subtle corporate DNC shills, but maybe Tulsi gets in there. Donna Brazille is a step up from DWS, though a small one.

Why I believe Trump will NOT be a US President.

I really must pooh-pooh this notion that Donald Fucking Trump has any real possibility of winning the election.

I did use to believe this may have been a real squeaker of an election, that with the long-standing Hillary Derangement syndrome on the Right. It just seemed that maybe he would turn out to be somewhat competent.

Orange Koolaid

No, that's not really a jab at the GOS. It is my little term summing up all that has been going on with the DNC and All Trump All the Time.

I had a very nice lunch with OPOL and nancyjones last Thursday. We met at Pho Dai Loi #2 on Buford Hwy in Atlanta. We talked about the state of things with TOP and with the Primary. They ordered Bun Tom, a vermicelli salad with shrimp; I had pho bo vien. It's very good.