Glenn Greenwald Accused of Cybercrimes by Prosecutors in Brazil

Glenn Greenwald is now officially Next.

Greenwald has been accused of hacking the phone calls of Brazil's Justice Minister Sergio Moro when he was the judge overseeing the corruption case that ultimately cost former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva his freedom.

Massive anti-government protests in Latin America; but not the one you are thinking of

Election fraud. Presidential drug trafficking. Huge anti-government protests and strikes in the name of democracy and freedom, that are brutally crushed by security forces. Tens of thousands of refugees.

This is Honduras today.
Unlike Venezuela, Honduras is a close US ally, so the media coverage has been practically non-existent.

The Assassination Of Podemos

They are calling it Spain's Watergate, but that is a poor comparison because Watergate was about the corruption of an individual political administration. What is happening in Spain is a bipartisan takedown of an insurgent left-wing party, working in coordination with the police, business leaders, and the mainstream media.

It's Time

I've lost all patience with moderates, centrists, incrementalists and mainstream establishment democrats who think the status quo is not so bad, just needs a little tweaking around the edges. They'd be satisfied just getting rid of Trump – which is fine as far as that goes, it just doesn't go nearly far enough.

Crucified on a Cross of Benjamins

One can only be gobsmacked by the Orwellian tactic of claiming that a quotidian phrase, uttered by millions for decades, has suddenly become an anti-Semitic insult. ("Its all about the Benjamin's, baby.") This is weaponized sophistry, aka casuistry. If we go down this road, saying "I wouldn't touch that with a ten foot pole." is going to be construed as anti-Polish. The metaphor of the boiling frog will be taken as an insult to French mentality.

The obvious (to me) response to the fabricated and orchestrated outrage about Representative Ilhan Omar's remark is to send her a $100 bill. If she is going to be crucified on a cross of Benjamins, she might as well have some of them.

Democrats realize that they have a corruption problem

Don't misunderstand me. I'm not saying that the Democratic establishment has acknowledged that it is corrupt and has decided the corruption must be expelled.
I'm saying that the Democratic establishment has acknowledged that the voters are fully aware that the party is corrupt and they now have no choice but to make modest reforms to address this public relations problem.

Mr. Google Goes to Washington

That’s how editor, Sam Thielman, is describing Congress at NBC News after watching the House Judiciary Committee grilling Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, and questioning him about who was responsible for the media bias against conservatives on the Internet. On Tuesday, Republican ignorance was front and center by virtue of the fact that they head the committee and they are calling the shots. The Democratic brain-trust will be on display in January 2019, if this committee reforms.

The technical illiteracy in both parties is a danger to the nation. Their inquiry strategy is reminiscent a blindfolded man with a long stick trying to land a blow on a pinata that he cannot see. The current Congress simply does not fully grasp the technology enough to see where it is headed in order to ask a competent question. The spectacle is at once humorous and terrifying. Any attempt to regulate or legislate the technologies involved is beyond their comprehension. They are clearly unable to judge the meaning and proper context of the information they were handed by their "advisors" in preparation for this hearing.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai had to explain to Congress why Googling the word "idiot" brings back a picture of President Trump.