Open Thread - 10-03-23 - How to Survive in Today's World

Author's note: I just woke up and realized that today is Tuesday and I promised to cover the open thread for earthling1. I have to leave shortly for a one and a half hour round trip to a neighboring city to get some shingles for the crew that's working on our house. I don't have time to write anything substantial so I'll post this rough draft that I saved as a future OT.

Our so called leaders are showing us how to survive in today's world. Be a crook. Be corrupt. Lie. Steal. Cheat.

It's become increasingly difficult to make ends meet today, unless one is lawless. It's been made obvious that the rule of law is passe. Both petty thieves and hardened criminals are slapped on the wrist while white collar corruption goes unstopped on a massive scale.


This could turn into a rant, but I'll risk it

Redacted spent a great deal of time today ( If you get the whole program it's pretty much what I want ) talking all anti war. It seems that Ukraine has started their "spring offensive" - by shelling civilians.

Real Estate: Where Russian Sanctions Go To Die

There is nothing, absolutely nothing, that NATO countries won't do to punish Russian oligarchs for their support for Putin. To do otherwise is not an option. It's a moral imperative.
Well, they'll do anything short of cutting into profits for the super wealthy that have invested in real estate.

Ukraine's corruption and U.S. weapons

As Congress gets close to approving another $1 Billion of weaponry for Ukraine, bring the total from just the U.S. to near $10 Billion of weapons. The UK has given Ukraine more than $4 Billion in advanced weaponry, and at least another $4 Billion from the rest of Europe.
And this is only the amount that has already been sent. It doesn't include the amount that is pledged.


Outsourcing the entire country.

I wanted to point out the problems with outsourcing the entire country, as they plan to do.

#1 They pretend they are not replacing US workers by making outsourcing firms hold fake interviews for people like me so they can use our names to demonstrate how they interviewed dozens of unemployed Americans AND FAILED (they intend to fail) to hire any of them. This is not because they failed to find any, its because they never intended to.

How China deals with corporate corruption

We all know how white-collar crime is punished in the United States - it isn't.
At best there is a fine of less than the amount that was originally stolen. Sometimes the CEO loses his job, but not without a golden parachute.
Basically, there are no consequences in corporate America for fraud, corruption, or incompetence.
It's the exact opposite of how capitalism is supposed to function.

New York Times Covering Up Fact that Dems are NOT trying to lower Drug Prices.

Both the title and content of this article gives the mistaken impression that Dems (actually neither party is) on the side of consumers on drug pricing. which are framed as "intellectual property" a legal fiction made up by us, to stealing science from the world. Science is everybody's birthright. This has come at a huge cost in millions, countless numbers of human lives.