Open Thread Friday 5-22-2020

A Look at China Part Five
I came across this passage yesterday while reading a book on the Southern United States discussing the aftermath of the Yamassee War (1715—1718).

"In the meantime. the British authorities began political steps to prevent the rise of any future tribal confederacies that might threaten their trading empire. In essence the English determined to follow the old rule of divide and conquer. They would forment discord among tribes by pitting Indian against Indian. Inparticular the Carolinians would sustain a Creek-Cherokee feud. "This makes the matter of great weight to us,' explained on colonist, "how to hold both as our friends, and assist them in cutting one another's throats. This is the game we intend to play."
Tribes of the Southern Woodlands

Three great powers of Europe England, France and Spain were carving up North America and the American Indian tribes. Our founding fathers grabbed the prize from the Europeans. The next century Western powers moved onto China.

Open Thread Friday 5-15-2020

A Look at China Part Four

China's Century of Humiliation is generally considered from the first British Opium War to Mao Zedong declaring its end in 1949 with the establishment of the People's Republic of China.

Chiang Kai-shek considered the end in 1945 after the defeat of Japan and China's place among the Big Four in the victorious Allies of World War II. Chiang Kai-shek had regained control of the the concessions made to the French after the Boxer Rebellion. United Kingdom and the United States had given up Extraterritorial jurisdiction.

Open Thread Friday 5-8-2020

A Look at China Part Three

Following the movement of Christians in China shows the potential of cross influences of Western and Eastern Culture over the millinea. General population may not have been aware of the two civilizations, but the awareness of religious, merchants and political leaders is a different story.

Christianity may have been in China as early as the first century.

The alleged visit to China of Thomas is mentioned in the books and church traditions of Saint Thomas Christians in India (Mar Thoma Syrian Church and the Syro-Malabar rites) who, for a part, claim descent from the early Christians evangelized by Thomas the Apostle in AD 52. For example, it is found in the Malayalam ballad Thomas Ramban Pattu (The Song of the Lord Thomas) with the earliest manuscript being from the 17th century. The sources clearly have Thomas coming to India, then to China, and back to India, where he died.

Open Thread Friday 5-1-2020

A Look at China Part Two

"What essences of "cultivation" can we absorb from traditional Chinese culture?"
Professor Lou Yulie, Peking University replied
Studying Confucianism, he learned the courage to do things,
Studying Buddhism, he learned to let it go
Studying Daoism, he learned he learned how to view the world.

Corporate China is Bushworld

More than was true of the Soviet Union, China's collusion with U.S. capitalism is overt. PRESCOTT BUSH JR. is the acknowledged "Rainmaker" of China. Our rapatious capitalists love dictatorships, love oppressed, desperate labor, love U.S. loan guarantees.

Open Thread Friday 4-24-2020

A Look at China Part One

Morning. Over the next few weeks I am going to share some of my thoughts and readings on China. It is one of the few places in the world not colonized by a Western power. Our growing antagonism towards China is part of a longer cycle of admiration and disdain for the Chinese culture that has played out for centuries.

The email said, "Go buy as much food as you can store. Buy some virus masks at the drug store. Lock your doors and don't leave your house again."

I had spoken to my friend Paul a couple of days ago and I mentioned the coronavirus epidemic. He seemed pretty sanguine about it, confident it would be brought under control. But that was two days ago, and there was only one reported infection in Seattle. As of tonight, however, there are five confirmed coronavirus cases in five large cities from Phoenix to New York. However, it wasn't any of this that had rattled Paul, who by-the-way, happens to be a public health physician.

I remember Paul once remarked, during the Ebola crisis, that "Viruses have learned to get around using modern aviation. Air travel is already factored in modern epidemiology." Later, I checked on that: It seems that up until one hundred years ago, plagues traveled at a rate of just 20 miles per day. The Plague was still coming for you, but it might take some time for it to arrive."

As if on cue, one of those flying germ-sacks landed and ejected a coughing passenger from the plane, today. It later turned out that the passenger actually did have the Chinese coronavirus. Another passenger filmed it with his cell phone.