China versus the U.S.: will trade war become hot war? Falling into the Thucydides Trap

American politicians are almost unique in failing to learn from history--although M. Macron is giving our pols a run for the money (Rothchild's actually) by suppressing the Yellow Vests. The lesson I am sharing with you is not new. It's 2500 years old in fact and well documented too.

Payback Time for the Spooks Who Cried Wolf

We've been bombarded with this Russiagate bullshit since 2016. So that, when people started accusing China of spying a few days ago, it was a yawn. But, in fact - in the real world - the Chinese have been running an unbelievably sophisticated computer hardware spying operation. They embedded spy chips the size of a grain of rice into server boards, which were then installed by many corporations, including Apple and Amazon.

Thursday Open Thread 7-19-2018

This week and focusing more on contemporary events and performances in China. Still using the resilience tag. Any culture that can survive several thousand years has a resilience about it we can learn from. One of its strengths is the continuity of a written language that allows us to peer into the past and see how other humans lived through the challenges of their times.

Thursday Open Thread 7-5-2018

Morning. Came across an interesting article in The Atlantic last week, The 9.9 Percent Is the New American Aristocracy The class divide is already toxic, and is fast becoming unbridgeable. You’re probably part of the problem. To reach more policy makers or circumvent them, we need to understand this societal group.

The article and facts presented is worth a stand-alone diary. Maybe someone has the time to break it apart into digestible chunks.

audio recording about an hour and half.