Too Young?

When I write about the plight of transgender kids, it is not unusual to encounter a comment or two from people who think it necessary to share their opinion that it is impossible for a child younger than 5 to know his gender.

It is also not unusual to encounter articles by people with little to no experience working with transgender kids expressing the same or similar opinion.

Young and transgender

When I wrote yesterday about a transgender child who was being mistreated by a Chicago-area hospital, I was not surprised to encounter a comment questioning the reality of young transgender children. It is a not-infrequent occurrence.

People who are not transgender have a difficult time understanding an issue that is so far from their own existence. That's why people who are different have such a hard time trying to fit into our society.

Detention Centers Record Revenue vs. Children Need Freedom and Sunshine to Grow

Today's News:

Immigration Officials Making Secret Deals With Private Prisons to Lock Up More Mothers and Children-- New report sheds light on how local contracts are boosting private profits from family detention.

Celebrating the Day of the African Child

"War in our time is always a war against children. And if the children of other countries are to be granted an equal right to life with our own children, then we must use our extraordinary human ingenuity to find nonmilitary solutions for world problems." - Howard Zinn.

The Methare Ghetto Kids dancing in Nairobi

Janna. A Child of Palestine.

Today I posted the failure of the Democratic Party Platform Committee to listen to the Sanders minority on the issue of Palestine and continued with the biased and bigoted proposals of AIPAC lobbyists. I present a not very good article concerning the actions at the DPPC : Times of Israel I am so thankful for Bernie Sanders and his representatives Dr. West, Dr. Zogby and Rep.

Open Thread - Think of the Children Edition, Friday, April 29, 2016

“I am society’s child. This is how they made me and now I’m saying’ what’s on my mind and they don’t want that. This is what you made me, America”

I think a society's quality is exemplified by the way it treats it's vulnerable and least empowered members. Let's examine how we are doing.

No Child Failed for Profit!

I am a teacher as well as an idea man. ( I get it from my grandfather) I have been teaching for 6 years and I have been witness to the destruction for profit companies with the help of politicians have incurred on our public school system in the name of greed and profit. I say enough is enough, and I have a great idea in how to combat the profiteers.

No Child Failed for Profit is that idea.


One might think she's the most fearsome creature in America

 photo Lucy_zpss1gjege0.jpgYou should meet Lucy Tidd. She is 8. It is unusual for such a young child to be scaring the bejeezus out of adults across the land.

Because looking at the behavior of those adults...adults who enough people judged to be sufficiently mentally competent that they elected them to public office, you'd think she was a serial killer.

It was the first day of third grade and 8-year-old Lucy was sitting in the principal’s office with her parents, crying her heart out. She was terrified. Mark and I sat with her and said: ‘This is your journey. We will go and do whatever you want.’ She had this blue bunny and she just held onto that and sobbed and sobbed. And then Mark carried her to the classroom.

--Briget Tidd

The scariest thing is that nobody knew except for the teachers. The kids saw Benjamin walk into school dressed like a girl, and they were like, ‘Hey, Benji.’ They were confused, but there was no malicious intent.

--Mark Tidd

Lucy didn’t relax until recess, when her mother helped a group of curious girls understand what was happening.

I said to them, ‘This is the same person you played with last year, that you played four square with, that you played jump rope with, that you ran around and played ball with. This is the same exact person.’ Only now, Benji wants to be just like a girl.

--Briget Tidd

“I said, ‘Do you think that we can let her be herself and do this?’ ” Bridget asked the girls, who nodded in agreement. “Then the next thing I know they took her hand and they ran and that was it.”

I stood there with tears in my eyes, trusting that the rest of the day would be OK, and I let her go. And at that moment she was completely free, and we’ve never turned back.