Tucker Carlson rips our "ruling class" for trying to stop Bernie and Trump in Russia Hoax 2.0

Come on, how can you not like the fact that Tucker Carlson says this?

"Our democratic system is, in fact, under attack. That much is true. But it's not the Russians who were attacking it. It's not even the Chinese," Carlson said. "It's being attacked by our own ruling class."

Bernie loses Dem Nomination--it's DNC math: 1 + 21 = 1

Greetings, fellow swampers and those preferring to remain dry:

Here at the Alligator University Department of political Science (what an oxymoron) in conjunction with the Department of Computational Science, our scholars have definitively proven the following theorem:

1 + 21 = 1

Please follow along with the the argument, as such mathematical reasonings are called.

The MSNBC Viewer's Boomerang Vote in NH: "The Stop-Bernie cynicism...from a number of commentators...made me angry. And I said, 'ok, Bernie's got my vote.'"

Yesterday I was musing on this:

At the same time it does seem like all this shit is just backfiring on these feckless and venal corporate lackey clowns heading the DNC. They’re even starting to lose moderate Dems. When that begins to reach critical mass with voters they’re going to start flocking to the only genuine, authentic and honest candidate in support. It’s doubtful that the short term boon out of this Pete depravity will amount to anything. Ultimately it will totally be their undoing as the public sees for all time how corrupt the whole process really is.

Iowa and Bernie--both in dire need of fixing. Does Bernie have what it takes to fix it?

By now the carefully planned clusterfuck which is the Democratic Presidential Primary (DPP) is unravelling unashamedly as a hopelessly prejudiced and controlled event.

No results. Some results. Whose results? Warren, Buttgiggle, ByeDone, Bernie, and anybody else claims victory in Iowa. Can they do this? Sure. Because nobody else can claim that they have more votes. Why? Because, in the words of Lamont Cranston, only the Shadow knows.

#CNNisGarbage and actively trying to sink Bernie, while Liz the Consumer Protector is really The House Flipper who's getting more desperately vicious in tandem with CNN

Just a few things I'm going to lay here for the community.

Her true self is coming to the fore. And it's nasty, desperate and pathetic. Fortitude and character are put to the test during the more trying times of a campaign and she's failing spectacularly. She's not our ally. As someone at Chapo put it, "she went from overenthusiastic librarian to vicious middle manager asking underlings to come into her office real quick."

Bernie takes the gloves off and goes after Biden

Why Bernie should not be president

This story has been told by me before, but reiteration will help, especially those unfamiliar with my views. Prior to 2016, I was a political ignoramus. Some readers may conclude, with justification, that I remain so. But, thank FSM, I saw the light and FELT the BERN. I contributed the max to him, went to his local speech, caucused for the Bern.

Bernie Sanders shows why we need Medicare For All, seen in a single instance

There are statistics and there is life, which occurs to individuals. What is the impact of huge numbers on popular understanding? Does anyone comprehend what a billion dollars is? Well, it's 1000 million.

But who can grasp what 1000 million is when most people will never know what it feels like to have 1 million dollars? The scope is huge.

We may be Sick of the Impeachment Drama, but Those who Spoke up Bravely against Russiagate may need to do so again. Bernie’s Election Fortunes Could Well Depend on those few Brave Voices

Many of us watch with dismay the spectacle put before us, as august members of the house intelligence committee appear to wrap themselves into pretzels, parsing out who said what to whom and what could they have meant or didn’t – all in one conversation that lasted perhaps 20-25 minutes in all.

I Think Bernie's About To Take Off. Seems Warren's Campaign Is On Its Heels In Defense, Admits It Didn't Think It Needed A Healthcare Plan, And A Dark Money Campaign Event Is Held For Her In Iowa.

There's not a lot of theorizing here. I just threw this together from various things I'm seeing, and from trying to glean as much as possible as to where it all stands in terms of moving this country Left.