Bernie's medical idiocy

Sorry, Berniecrats. This segment on The Five (Fox) reveals Bernie's politically correct idiocy. Disregard the remainder of the video if you wish. This Bernie statement shows why this pandering proves why Bernie is failing. It's not just the DNC undermining Bernie. It is the moron stance that closing Borders to Protect our People Against Coronavirus is Xenophobic. Even Gavin Newsome gives Trump some credit for the current handling of the Virus.

Chancellor Valorum Cannot Save the Republic (Biden is at Best a Band-Aid)

War! The Republic is crumbling under attacks from the relentless Sith Lord Donald Trump. There are very fine people on both sides. Evil is everywhere.

It must have been sad in the last days of the Republic. War had been raging for years. A war to save the Republic. And yet that very war had let the new Chancellor gain more and more power until the Republic was destroyed anyway.