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Assumptions and Timing and Stuff I Think About When Reading

stuff like this here:

The year-long investigation is expected to conclude in the coming weeks, though it could take longer, leaving open the probability it will cast a shadow over Clinton as she accepts the Democratic Party’s nomination for president in Philadelphia this month and launches her general election campaign against Republican Donald Trump.

Meet your Democratic Hypocrite: Obama.

When will people like Obama and other Democrats realize that we're not stupid, that their rhetoric won't work anymore with a lot of people.

So Obama sent out an email endorsing Russ Feingold, and one issue Obama praised Feingold on, Hillary had the opposite vote, yet Obama's endorsing Hillary. What the what?

Russia claims they have Clinton's "secret" emails. May release them.

"Moscow’s discreet messaging about a possible leak of the traffic, in time to impact the U.S. elections, was designed to pressure faster U.S. legal action on the matter, but was largely due to Russian concerns about possible U.S. strategic policy in the event of a Hillary Clinton presidency."
And the Obama administration has really been putting its thumb in Putin's eye. Why? I am not completely sure other than regime change in Russia is a neocon goal. What has the US been doing?

Insults and Lies! Does the Democratic Party Hate Its Young Voters?

There are no limits to which powers of privilege
will not go to keep the workers in slavery.
-Mother Jones


Insurance industry-funded group paying Obama/Clinton-linked consultants to try to kill single-payer initiative in CO

The Democrats' reactionary mythology

You really have to suspect that something is wrong when someone as clearly possessed of the criminal mentality as Hillary Clinton is the frontrunner in the 2016 Presidential race. You can see this in the electoral fraud that has accompanied a great number of primaries, from Iowa to Illinois to Arizona to New York and much, much more.