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Fracking and tar sands industry facing ruin

The price of Brent crude oil dropped below $28 today, a price that few would have predicted two years ago. While the shake-up in the industry (i.e. defaults and bankruptcies) from these low prices are on everyone's mind, it should be noted that sub-$28 is the price for high-grade crude oil.

Hellraisers Journal: Elizabeth Gurley Flynn Lectures Brooklyn Audience on the Limitation of Births

You ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age.
Put on your fighting clothes.
-Mother Jones

Monday January 17, 1916
Brooklyn, New York - Elizabeth Gurley Flynn Lectures on Limitation of Birth

Saturday's Brooklyn Daily Eagle reported that the I. W. W. organizer, Gurley Flynn, addressed a Brooklyn audience Friday evening on the subject of birth control. As is usual when covering events conducted by members of the Industrial Workers of the World, the Eagle must first begin by mocking the event before briefly describing Miss Flynn's presentation:

Girl Orator's Listeners, Mostly Juveniles,
Exit When Money Is Sought.

Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, Marxist org.png

About a half-hundred half-grown boys and girls with a sprinkling of adults listened with avid interest to a talk by Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, the I. W. W. leader, on the subject of limitation of births last night. The meeting was held in Plaza Hall, Grand and Havemeyer streets, with the avowed intention of teaching poor mothers to improve their economic condition. The interest continued until an effort was made to collect the 15-cent fee, with which it was hoped to defray the expenses of the lecture, when there was a rush to get out.

The lecturer scheduled for the evening was Mrs. Margaret H. Sanger, who is expounding her doctrine on the subject taken up by Miss Flynn in various parts of the country. She was ill, however, and could not keep her engagement. Dr. Frank Harris made an address touching upon the same subject from the view point of a medical practitioner. Dr. Joseph Slavitt presided.

Hellraisers Journal: Harry Orchard Will Stand Trial in Idaho for Murder of Ex-Governor Steunenberg

There are no limits to which powers of privilege will not go
to keep the workers in slavery.
-Mother Jones

Tuesday January 16, 1906
Caldwell, Idaho - Harry Orchard Committed on Charge of Murder

From today's edition of The Wichita Daily Eagle:


Committed On Charge of Murdering Ex-Governor Steunenberg.

Harry Orchard, alias Tom Hogan, Jan 1906.png

Boise, Idaho, Jan. 15.-At Caldwell today Probate Judge Church committed Harry Orchard on the charge of having murdered ex-Governor Frank Steunenberg. The defense offered no testimony. The most important witness today was Andy Johnson, a Boise officer who talked with Orchard several times before and after his arrest. He had a collection of exhibits connected with the case.

Julian Steunenberg, son of the former governor, testified that a man whom he identified as Orchard, came to him or Wednesday before the murder and asked when his father would be home. He said he had a deal with his father for some sheep and was anxious to see him. The boy told the man his father would be back Friday night.

Bernie is gaining with key demographics BUT ...

According to

A string of polls over the past two weeks show that the once-independent Vermont senator is tied or in the lead in the two early primary states, Iowa and New Hampshire, and all of a sudden, in striking distance of Hillary Clinton nationally.

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Addressing the anti-trans concern trolls

Two University of Washington researchers, working out of the Social Cognitive Development Lab on what is called the TransYouth Project have tired of the near constant alarm being raised about transgender children being spurred on...even "created"...by their parents. An example of such alarm resides in a recent op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, The Transgender Battle Line: Childhood.

So Kristine Olson and Lily Durwood have written a response, Are Parents Rushing to Turn Their Boys Into Girls?.

Hellraisers Journal: Pinkerton Who Framed-Up So-Called Molly Maguires Now on Steunenberg Murder Case

There are no limits to which powers of privilege will not go
to keep the workers in slavery.
-Mother Jones

Monday January 15, 1906
Boise, Idaho - Pinkerton Detective James McParland Meets with Gov. Gooding

James McParland, the Pinkerton Detective who assisted in the frame-up and judicial murders of the Martyred Miners of Pennsylvania (1877-1879), is now active in the investigation of the Steunenberg murder case.

From The Salt Lake Tribune of January 13, 1906:



James McParland, Spartacus Ed.pngSpecial to the Tribune.
BOISE, Ida. Jan. 12-Fred Miller, attorney for Orchard in the Steunenberg murder case at Caldwell, will take advantage of statutory right and ask that the preliminary examination be held behind closed doors, which he stated he thought would be to the public interest to do.....

Pinkertons Are Engaged

A five-hour conference between Chief Detective McFarland [James McParland] of Pinkerton's Denver agency and Gov. Gooding was held at the Idaho hotel here last night. They went over all circumstances surrounding the assassination. As a result the Pinkertons will now take an active part in solving the mystery, although Pinkerton men have been on the scene since a few hours after the assassination.

McFarland will direct the operations of his men from this city. Next Tuesday he will go to Denver, returning to Idaho in a short time. McFarland says he has little doubt of Orchard's guilt and in his opinion others aided him and he is sorry that more arrests were not made immediately after the assassination....

[Photograph of James McParland added.]

Addressing transgender rights in the UK

The UK parliament's Committee on Women and Equality has released the first report from its parliamentary inquiry into discrimination against transgender people in education, health and criminal justice.

The inquiry was tasked with assessing levels of transphobia, access to NHS services and issues faced by transgender youth.

The NHS was found to be particularly lacking.

Hellraisers Journal: East Youngstown Steel Strike Settled, Offer of 10% Wage Increase Accepted

You ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age.
Put on your fighting clothes.
-Mother Jones

Friday January 14, 1916
East Youngstown, Ohio - Steel Strike Settled with 10 Percent Wage Increase

From the January 12th edition of the Decatur Herald of Illinois:


Men Vote to Accept Company's Offer
of 10 Per Cent Increase in Wages
and to Return.
Grand Jury Investigates Trouble and Calls
Employers and Union Leaders.
Youngstown Steel Strike, Ruins, The Decatur Herald, IL, Jan 12, 1916.pngMilitia patrolling burned district.