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Campaigning Like It's 1999

According to The Hill, "Clinton allies" are blaming Bernie Sanders for Hillary Clinton's poor performance in recent opinion polls. They complain that Sanders' continued attacks on Clinton and his failure "to begin bringing everyone together” hurts Hillary Clinton because it "... holds her back from controlling the narrative.” What I see are changes in the U.S.

Hellraisers Journal: From the International Socialist Review: "Marching Through Mexico" by J. K. Turner

There are no limits to which
powers of privilege will not go
to keep the workers in slavery.
-Mother Jones

Wednesday May 31, 1916
From the International Socialist Review: The Villa Expedition

Villa Expedition, Turner, Our Boys, ISR, May 1916.png

March on DNC - New Video with Lots of Information on Planned Events in Support of Bernie and Progressive Movement

You must watch this new video by the organizers of the March on DNC, the coalition of organizations planning the rallies and marches scheduled to coincide with the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this July. It provides lots of new information on the planned events scheduled for July 24-July 28 in support of Bernie and our shared progressive values and principles.

Hellraisers Journal: Elizabeth Gurley Flynn on the “Glory” of War and Thoughts on Breeding for War

Defend your country?
What ground do you own?
-not even enough to stand on, perhaps,
much less enough to bury yourself in!
-Elizabeth Gurley Flynn

Tuesday May 30, 1916
St. Louis, Missouri - Elizabeth Gurley Flynn Speaks on Preparedness

Robert Minor, Breed Mother Breed, NY Call, Aug 8, 1915.png
From the New York Call of August 8, 1915