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Bernie's Tax Return

There’s been a great deal of outrage expressed by many people that Bernie Sanders has not released much about his Federal Tax Returns to the public. This is true. He hasn’t. For all I know he hasn’t filed his 2016 one yet (it isn’t due until April 18th this year). Or maybe he has filed it, but something deep and dark and sinister exists that will forever taint his personal and political legacy, and thus, for good reason he and his advisers have decided not to make it public.

Murder in Houston

 photo shante_zpsjgv2w3cw.jpgLate Sunday in Houston midtown, a few blocks from bars and restaurants, Shante Thompson and Willie Sims were shot to death. Police say they may have been beaten with a crowbar before the shooting transpired.

Witnesses say a group of up eight people armed with several weapons swarmed a transgender woman and a man out in the street.

It really hurts me. I have always looked for Shante. I was always been there for her. When I got the call and saw her laying on the ground it really hurt my heart.

--Kevin Braxton, friend of Ms. Thompson

Hellraisers Journal: Gaylord Wilshire Calls for General Strike to Free Moyer, Haywood & Pettibone

If the workers take a notion,
They can stop all speeding trains;
Every ship upon the ocean
They can tie with mighty chains.
-Joe Hill

Wednesday April 11, 1906
Wilshire's Magazine: Editorial Calls for General Strike

Moyer and Haywood, Wilshire's Magazine, 1906.png

Libya - I am so pissed off.


First, there was no reason to invade yet another PNAC, neocon target. Khadafi's rule was, if anything, more benign than how it was portrayed to us poor saps on our side of the pond. He was not invading his neighbors, he posed no threat to us or to our allies, and he had some pretty diverse groups under control.

And then, the evil cabal of Sidney blumenthal and Hillary Clinton took over.

And Obama blew it big time because of them.

Anti-Capitalist Meetup: Gender/Race/Class/Age in the Democratic Primaries - Oh My! by Geminijen

When Bernie first decided to run for President as a democratic socialist, challenging the extreme income inequality that advanced capitalism has brought to our society, I was excited. His message was echoing the Occupy Wall Street movement’s slogan that 1% of the wealthy owned more than the other 99%. Bernie was going to bring the concept of class struggle between working people and the corporate elite back into the political conversation!

Vigil for Annabel

 photo Anabel_zpsqhtfxma3.jpgThere was a vigil last evening for Annabel Montoya, the East Los Angeles transgender teen who was intentionally run down by a vehicle in Monterey Park on around 2:30 am on Saturday April 2. Police have said that Annabel may have been beaten before being run down.

The 16-year-old Annabel is currently in a medically induced coma in the ICU at County-USC Medical Center.

Hellraisers Journal: San Francisco Police Incite “Red Flag Riot” at Haywood-Moyer Protest Meeting

There are no limits to which powers of privilege
will not go to keep the workers in slavery.
-Mother Jones

Tuesday April 10, 1906
San Francisco, California - Police Attack Protest of Workingmen

Protestors Protect Worker's Red Flag, SF Call, Apr 9, 1906.png

The Royal Scam

I'm a recent refugee here from DK. I had relegated myself to lurk status over there, not commenting since 2013 and not posting a diary since 2011. I enjoy a political argument as much (if not more) than anybody, but I enjoy principled debate, where the exchange of ideas is paramount, not the exchange of personal insults, which is what DK has degenerated into over the years.