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Just What We Need - More Billionaires F*cking With Us

The Corporatocracy have perceived a need, the Democratic Party needs to be more centrist and billionaire friendly, apparently they are jealous of Republican billionaires having all the fun in Washington DC these days. Hillary Clinton would be their ideal candidate and like Trump only super wealthy people would be allowed in the administration, poor folks are such losers.

Is America Past The Point of No Return?

A whole lot of us have been pondering this question. In one way or another, a substantial number of articles here have been devoted to trying to answer this question.

Thom Hartmann weighs in over at Alternet:

Have corporate/billionaire control of our republic reached such a point that it’s no longer reversible? Have we passed the tipping point where democracy dies?

Identity politics, scarcity and war vs unity, vision, and shared prosperity

There is a division within the Democratic party, this is well known, but it extends far beyond any party or lack thereof. Among those that proclaim to be “left” within the party, one can see on a smaller scale the true division and choices facing us as citizens regardless of party affiliation and so I will use the party division to explore the two main paths that are currently struggling to shape the party to better explore the larger picture.

The Clintonite vision is of course neoliberal and tactically they attempt to gain power via “identity politics”, claiming that if one champions economic progressive values then one is somehow inherently against progressive social values, this is to be expected from that camp when one understands their ideals as laid forth since the rise of the DLC, the third way, and all other associated false flag infiltrators of a once proud party of the people (no longer even recognizable to those of us that remember an earlier time).

Where are we going and why are we in this handbasket?

The Saker has a very good article on the upcoming G20 conference at which Trump and Putin are scheduled for talks on the sidelines. In it he outlines the extremely low possibility that there will be meaningful discussions, mostly due to the intransigence of those that have taken complete control of the Executive Branch of the US government.