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b'tzelem Elohim

In case you don't speak Hebrew (I sure don't), the title phrase translates to "In God's Divine Image."

Now, I'm not religious, identifying as Taoist if asked, but I'm always interested in contextualizing the attacks made by the religious right against trans people. One of the more recent attacks has been that God has a limited view of gender.

Gender identity confusion should not be exploited by social activists — like those in the Obama administration — who want to deny the God-given distinction between the sexes.This is a rebellion against God's plan.

The Bible says 'God made them from the beginning male and female.' Not male, female and question mark. God has determined how many sexes there are—there are two, not three.

--Robert Jeffress

Fortunately, people like Jeffress do not have ownership of religion. Southern Baptists are not the only game in town.

Hellraisers Journal: Miners Strike at Cananea, Sonora, Mexico, Leads to Fierce Fighting, Many Killed

There are no limits to which
powers of privilege will not go
to keep the workers in slavery.
-Mother Jones

Sunday June 3, 1906
From Tucson's Arizona Daily Star: Reports on Cananea Copper Strike

From the Arizona Daily Star of June 2, 1906:

Cananea Copper Strike, Arizona Dly Star, June 2, 1906.png

Why Bernie Must Win: Unemployment Drops Because Half Million People STOPPED looking for work!

Unemployment drops to below 5%. Great news? Not exactly:

U.S. employers drastically slowed their hiring in May, adding just 38,000 employees, the fewest in more than 5 years and a sign of concern after the economy barely grew in the first three months of the year.

Placebo Ballots: Stealing California from Bernie Using an old GOP vote-snatching trick

By Greg Palast with Dennis J Bernstein for Reader Supported News

[Los Angeles] Woop! Woop! Alert! Some California poll workers have been told to give "provisional" ballots to all independent voters in Tuesday’s Democratic Party.

That’s wrong. That’s evil. That’s sick and illegal.

By voting for Clinton or Trump, are you enabling the current broken political system?

Okay, let me first start by saying, I encourage everyone to exercise their right to vote (or not) for any candidate that they deem acceptable. Moreover, you have every right to vote for anyone for any office because it is your right and you do not need a reason. However, I believe you need to understand why you support your selected candidate; policies, positions, or political ideology.

Emailgate: round 2--Deposition of Cheryl Mills

The second of planned Judicial Watch depositions, carried out under the order of Judge Sullivan, involving Clinton chief-of-staff Cheryl Mills was taken on May 27, 2016--under oath (penalty of perjury). Ms. Mills, herself a lawyer had an assemblage of her own attorneys. This stuff ain't cheap; I wonder who is footing the bill here for respondent's legal fees--it is probably us, we the people, because the named defendant in this proceeding is the U.S. Department of State.

Evidence Based Community‽

          The designation, Evidence Based Community, makes me a bit skittish. I am regularly "down voted" at Reddit by members of its evidence based community. At certain political sites I am worse than "down voted" because -- by not being a political pundit -- I must be an idiot for thinking [blah blah blah], and if I would just look at the evidence. Then more [blah blah blah] about "just the facts ma'am".
          I **think** I understand the motivation of these various detractors. They act like the Republicans That Hate Science but envy the success of science, and hate people, like me, who have a useful, and (more importantly) credible Weltanschauung. Or, perhaps they are just time traveling anachronisms from the 20th century.

Let's Not Wait For the Revolution To Catch Up To Us. Are You Ready for Some Hardball?

Back in early April LeChienHarry and I assembled a list of Superdelegates. The preponderance were committed to Clinton long before Sanders voters expressed their wishes - Sanders for President.

Except for those with real integrity, politicians care about one thing and one thing only - getting reelected.

Hellraisers Journal: Haywood: "It is good to know that at last the working class are aroused."

There are no limits to which
powers of privilege will not go
to keep the workers in slavery.
-Mother Jones

Saturday June 2, 1906
From Ada County Jail: A Letter from Big Bill Haywood

HMP, Moyer Haywood Pettibone, ab 1906_0.png

You want a People's Revolution? Support The People's Convention in Philly, July 23rd!


The Democratic National Convention starts on July 24, 2016. But it's not the only convention in Philly. And it with won't be the only organization voting on a platform. Because if you want a platform for real progressives (and not the once every four year ones) to run on, you should ask the people what they want and let them vote on it.

Slipping into Coma: Art and Cultural Heritage Held Hostage by the 1%

A friend sent me this article from the New York Times yesterday, One of the World’s Greatest Art Collections Hides Behind This Fence: The superrich have stashed millions of works in tax-free storage. So what does that mean for the art? It inspired me to come out of hiatus and write something for a blog.

'There is now more than a theoretical chance' of no Clinton Nomination (WSJ opinion piece)

I'm not seeing this in the feed here - have I missed it?

There is now more than a theoretical chance that Hillary Clinton may not be the Democratic nominee for president.


and then they say:

Hellraisers Journal: -The International Socialist Review: Pittsburgh Steel Strike & Homestead Tactics

You ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age.
Put on your fighting clothes.
-Mother Jones

Thursday June 1, 1916
The International Socialist Review on the Pittsburgh Steel Strike

Pittsburgh Steel Strike, Blast Furnace Workers, ISR June 1916.png

Campaigning Like It's 1999

According to The Hill, "Clinton allies" are blaming Bernie Sanders for Hillary Clinton's poor performance in recent opinion polls. They complain that Sanders' continued attacks on Clinton and his failure "to begin bringing everyone together” hurts Hillary Clinton because it "... holds her back from controlling the narrative.” What I see are changes in the U.S.