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Trumka: "Show us the [Damn] Treaty"

AFAIK, Richard Trumka did not actually use the 'D' work like Bernie Sanders did during the Dem 'Debate', but he has apparently thrown up his hands and called for the latest draft Obama trade treaty to be released.


Trumka calls for immediate release of TPP text

Segregation: not just another word for privacy

Township High School School District 211 in Palatine, iL has a transgender student. In 2014, the girl was allowed to play sports, but has been forced to change in a separate room located a long way away from the gym.

The ACLU assisted the student to file a complaint with the DOE, calling the district's stance "blatant discrimination, no matter how the district tries to couch it."

We're talking about somebody who is being denied fair and equal treatment as compared to the other students, only because she is transgender.

--John Knight, ACLU of Illinois

Federal officials responded to the complaint, which was filed about a year and a half ago with the Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights, by saying the school is in violation of the Title IX gender equality law, according to the ACLU and district officials. A representative of the civil rights office could not be reached Monday.

Following precedent in two similar cases in California, DOE's Office of Civil Rights informed District 211 in a not-yet-public decision that depriving the student of equal access to facilities violates Title IX’s sex nondiscrimination protections, calling such treatment "inadequate and discriminatory."

Dem. Representatives petition the TSA on behalf of trans passengers

In the wake of the September 21 harassment by TSA officers of transgender women Shadi Petosky at Orlando International Airport for having a "genital anomaly", 32 members of Congress have demanded answers from Transportation Security Chief Peter Neffenger.

While we understand the importance of vigilant airport security, we cannot countenance a security protocol that subjects transgender travelers to this level of indignity. To that end, we urge TSA to complete a thorough review of its current procedures and address any shortcomings that may, however unintentionally, subject transgender travelers to inequitable or improper treatment by security personnel.

Wow. The astounding grip the Saudis have on Western discourse.

The West Rightly Condemns Isis Vandalism of Ancient Sites – But Not When the Saudis Do It

Explosives pulverize historic sites in the Middle East, bulldozers erase ancient tombs and shrines, historic forts are torn down and Ottoman facades destroyed. The home of the favourite wife of the most revered man in an entire religion is even turned into a block of toilets. How can the world prevent this wicked desecration and extinction of a heritage that belongs to all mankind? I am, of course, referring to those iconoclastic Wahhabi-Salafist Muslim head-choppers … the Saudis!

Human Rights Watch, UN Human Rights Office challenge Malaysian Federal Court ruling

 photo Jina_zps4vpbhvna.jpgOn October 8 the Malaysian Federal Court reversed a lower court ruling that the state of Negeri Sembilan's prohibition on cross-dressing was unconstitutional. On entirely technical grounds, the Federal Court upheld Sharia law that prohibits "a male person posing as a woman."

The judicial decision is a serious setback in a four-year struggle by transgender activists to end arbitrary arrests of transgender women on the basis of discriminatory laws.

--Human Rights Watch

This Federal Court ruling is a major setback for transgender rights.

Trans women in Malaysia, who were buoyed by the landmark lower court decision recognizing their rights to be themselves, have been let down once again.

--Neela Ghoshal, Human Rights Watch

Russia's offensive in Syria not doing much there

Washington is busy screaming and crying over Putin's military adventure in Syria, and Moscow is pumping out the propaganda about how they are "destroying" terrorists by the score, the actual facts on the ground is that not all that much has changed.
Russia's offensive ismaking minimal gains

Location, Location, Location

Back when I lived in Arkansas (1984-2000), I would frequently be told, upon seeing outrageous behavior on the part of one of that state's citizens, "You've got to remember, This is Arkansas." As if that simple statement implied that Arkansans were not subject to the laws of the United States or the societal expectation of Planet Earth.

It frustrated me no end.

It got so I would say

Arkansas is a really beautiful place to live, except for the people who live there.

I imagine people in other places may have similar stories...or perhaps, ones that are in total opposition.

The news spins:

Google CEO Eric Schmidt backs a startup that's stealthily working for Hillary Clinton campaign

The stealthy, Eric Schmidt-backed startup that’s working to put Hillary Clinton in the White House

An under-the-radar startup funded by billionaire Eric Schmidt has become a major technology vendor for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, underscoring the bonds between Silicon Valley and Democratic politics.

How to keep trans people alive

Of course the first part of this is...or should be...quite obvious. How about people stop murdering trans women of color?

It's time to do more than just solve each homicide as they happen. It's time to do more than just arrest these horrific people who commit these violent crimes. It's time to do the work beforehand.

--Nellie Fitzpatrick, mayor's liaison to the LGBT community in Philadelphia

It is not enough to light candles.

--Suffok, MA, District Attorney DanConley

Of course being murdered is only one of the leading causes of our demise. Another one is suicide.

Governor Brown Sign's "Right to Dry" Bill

Per SFGATE, California is now a "right to dry" state after Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill Thursday restricting homeowners associations from banning clotheslines, which the groups deemed unsightly additions to neighborhoods.

The article, Brown signs bill reversing bans on clotheslines - SFGate, makes it clear that renters have those rights.
Now, the law states landlords must allow tenants to air-dry their clothes in their own backyard if they wish, as long as "the clothesline or drying rack will not interfere with the maintenance of the rental property and the use of the clothesline or drying rack does not violate reasonable time or location restrictions imposed by the landlord."

Down by the banks of the River Charles

They are debating our rights again in Massachusetts. I hate when that happens. It always makes me feel so scummy.

The legislators are discussing H. 1577 and S. 735 which would increase the scope of the current anti-discrimination laws to protect transgender people in public places.

Currently it is illegal to refuse to hire someone who is transgender but totally legal to refuse to provide service to that same person.

Massachusetts lawmakers in 2011 passed a law adding transgender individuals to the list of protected classes from employment or housing discrimination, but stopped short of including public accommodations protections. Other states — 17 in total — have passed similar laws offering such expanded protections.

Completing a Score

 photo KieshaJenkins_zpsp1u3toie.jpgKiesha Jenkins lived in North Philadelphia. At Oh-Dark-Thirty Tuesday morning, Keisha got a ride from someone to Hunting Park in Logan.

Upon exiting the vehicle Keisha was surrounded by five or six men who proceeded to beat her. Then one of the men took out a gun and shot her twice in the back.

When police arrived, they rushed Keisha to a hospital, where she was later declared dead.

The twenty-two year old transgender woman is the twentieth transgender woman in the US known to have been murdered this year.

Right now we don't have any motive. We don't know if it's potentially a hate crime or if it was a robbery. We really don't know. It's too early in the investigation to tell.

--Philadelphia Police Captain James Clark

Deflation, negative interest rates and the derivatives mountain

In a press conference last week, Fed Chair Janet Yellen was asked about negative interest rates. Yellen dismissed the possibility, but also said if "we found ourselves with a weak economy that needed additional stimulus, we would look at all of our available tools, and [a negative rate] would be something that we would evaluate in that kind of context."

Shivi can come home

A week and a half ago I shared the story of Shivi, a transman who is a student at Cal-Berkeley and whose parents tried to arrange a marriage for him with a man in India, to "fix his sexuality." (Parents traffic their child to India as attempted cure for the trans). Though Shivi was born in India, he has lived in the US since the age of three.

When last we saw, Shivi (who only uses the one name) was stuck in India because his mother had stolen his passport, green card and cellphone, and returned to the US with his siblings). His father, a researcher in the US, tried to enroll him as a girl at Dayalbagh University in Agra. But Shivi got access to her grandparents internet and contacted friends in the US who put him in touch with the LGBT NGO Nazarya. Members of Nazaraya helped Shivi escape from Agra and go to Delhi, where he filed a petition with the Delhi High Court claiming he had been wronged by his parents. The High Court found in his favor and granted Shivi an order of protection.

Beautiful as I want to be

Transgender model Geena Rocero has joined forces with the cable network Logo to produce a video series which will highlight transgender young people. The series will be called Beautiful as I Want to Be and will consist of four part episodes which will be introduced by Rocero and "focus on partnering young trans people with successful trans leaders to explore how they define beauty and identity. Young trans people share their backstories, their identity journeys and their dreams for the future. Their mentor/coach then readies them for a transformative photo shoot and offers life advice."

I am excited to share with trans youth the ways that I’ve used modeling and art to creatively express myself and to realize my dreams. This project is to affirm our youth’s potential, their beauty and the possibilities when we celebrate and allow them to be their most authentic selves.