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Hellraisers Journal: Mine Owners Seek to Oust Governor Hunt of Arizona Who Stands with the Miners

You ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age.
Put on your fighting clothes.
-Mother Jones

Saturday January 8, 1916
From The Day Book: "Bosses Seek to Oust Governor Who Backed Miners"

Arizona Governor WP Hunt, 1912-1917.png

Friday's Day Book reported that the Copper Bosses are out to have Governor Hunt of Arizona recalled. The governor has consistently refused to allow the mine operators to import gunmen and scabs in order to break the strike, now ongoing, against the Clifton-Morenci Co., owned by Phillips-Dodge & Co. The Copper Bosses refuse to meet with the miners, and, instead prefer to initiate a recall campaign against the Governor. The article states:

The companies refuse arbitration or any consideration of the men's demands.

From the Chicago Day Book of January 7, 1916:

Day Book, AZ Gov Hunt, Jan 7, 1916.png

Cruz: Transgender students an "infliction"

Ted Cruz put in his claim for the transphobic vote yesterday.

Not that he hasn't had some sterling competition from Mike Huckabee, Ben Carson and Marco Rubio.

Rubio seems to imply that employing LGBT people and serving LGBT customers were themselves sinful actions.

it is “most baffling” that anyone could thoughtfully defend the notion that it is normal — that it is perfectly legitimate — for a person just to declare oneself to be a different gender. It borders on laughable, and I know to say it’s laughable would bring great contempt because people would say you’re being insensitive. I’m not being insensitive. I’m exercising just a little bit of common sense.


Carson opposes allowing transgender people to serve in the military, "worrying that the military is being used as “a laboratory for social experimentation.”

“Deal with the transgender thing somewhere else.”

Last month, Carson similarly said that trans people don’t deserve “extra rights,” like equal access to safely use the bathroom.

Focusing on Cruz:

Hellraisers Journal: Mother Jones Will Lead Miners to Bullpen or Coal Mine, with Arms or Armless

You ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age.
Put on your fighting clothes.
-Mother Jones

Sunday January 7, 1906
From The Miners Magazine: Letter to William Johnson, Mine Superintendent

The following letter was published in the January 4th edition of The Miners Magazine, official organ of the Western Federation of Miners.

Mother Jones, Miners Angel .jpg

New York
December 15, 1905

William Johnson,
Supt. Vivian Coal and Mining Co.,
Jacksonville, Ind.
Dear Sir:

I have a letter from you under date of December 15th, asking for terms for furnishing men to coal mines. Allow me to say that the terms depend entirely upon how many men you want and what you want them for. We have a great number of able bodied men here who are more than willing to go anywhere and men who are not afraid of the police, militia, court injunctions, or government interference in any form. In fact each and every one of them can and will be vouched for by "Mother Jones" whose guarantee should satisfy any coal company in Indiana or elsewhere. If you will state how many you want and just when you want them, also whether they are destined for the bull pens or coal mines, we will be pleased to give your needs our prompt attention. In fact we will be willing to work overtime.

Truly yours,
Secretary Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Superintendents.

P. S. Fortunately, "Mother Jones" has just come into the office and she gives me her personal word that if you want her to head the procession she will gladly come. She would like to know whether the men are to come with arms or armless.

[Photograph added.]

Anti-transgender bathroom bills threaten transgender participation in public life

Hellraisers Journal: Charges Against Joe Hill's Attorney Enumerated in Petition for Disbarment

The cause I stand for, that of a fair and honest trial,
is worth more than any human life-
much more than mine.
-Joe Hill

Thursday January 6, 1916
Salt Lake City, Utah - Charges Against Judge Hilton Enumerated

The Ogden Standard of December 22nd, which announced that a disbarment complaint had been filed against Joe Hill's attorney, Judge Orrin N. Hilton, enumerated the charges filed against him:


Salt Lake, Dec. 22....
Orrin N Hilton.jpg

Charges Detailed.

In conclusion the petition for disbarment of Hilton says:

The grievance committee of the State Bar association of Utah accuses the said Orrin N. Hilton of having in all the premises failed in his duty, as prescribed by his oath of office.

1. To support the laws of the state of Utah, but, on the contrary, had falsely and maliciously imputed their origin, existence and administration to a power unacknowledged and unknown to the constitution, with the intent to bring them into disrepute and contempt in this and other states of the United States.

2. That he has failed to maintain the respect due to the courts of justice and judicial officers, in that he has denounced the courts and the judges thereof-speaking as one who had absolute knowledge in the premises to the people of this and other states-as being subservient to and controlled by a religious power foreign to the law and the constitution in the exercise of their judicial duties in the judgments pronounced in causes involving the lives and liberties of the people; and in exhibiting toward the judges and the courts a contemptuous disregard of their authority, and in imputing to them dishonorable and unlawful motives and acts, all tending to bring the administration of justice into disrepute, and tending to lessen the regard and the respect of the people for judicial tribunal.