More homelessness + lots of vacant houses = Capitalism

"People are less likely to walk up and kick you in the face if you’re sleeping during the day.”
- Orlando Ward

We are in the third longest economic expansions in American history. Unemployment is at a 17 year low. The stock and bond markets are at all-time highs.
So naturally, the working class is being crushed.

I found a place to live, but I may be on less.

I've spent the last few months staying at the Santa Fe Inn. I am considered to be disabled and live on SSI, but not SSDI. That means I get $730 a month, and it's lead to a lot of interesting problems in staying alive.

Normally people in my circumstances have various programs that help them, but there are so many funding problems in Pueblo, Colorado that I essentially never get access to those programs.

Classism: The last socially acceptable prejudice in America

All types of discrimination in America are frowned on by either liberals or conservatives.
Racism, sexism and other types of discrimination still exist, but not without vocal resistance from broad swaths of society.

Except for one. Classism.
You can still discriminate against people for being too poor and few will complain.

Why The Fight Is Worth The Effort

This morning, while preparing breakfast, I noticed an elderly woman sifting through the trash bin behind my neighbor’s house. She wore a broad rimmed hat; her shoulders were stooped, her back bent, and when she walked it was easy to see she could only move with great difficulty.

I was dressed in P.J.s, and by the time I had finished dressing and made it outside to see if she needed help she had moved on. But I have replayed the scene inside my head all day.