THE TUESDAY OPEN THREAD: slouching toward Bethlehem

What kind of beast comes slouching
What kind of beast comes slouching
What kind of beast comes slouching
Slouching towards Bethlehem?

People get ready cause it won't be long
Before the hurricane will be blowin' strong
And the chance to rise will be come and gone
When he's slouchin towards Bethlehem

He's comin' in the name of hunger
Draggin all the poor folks under
Who stands behind him I wonder
Slouchin towards Bethlehem

He's comin' in the name of high finance
Corporations, religion and violence
Countin' on collusion and silence
Slouchin towards Bethlehem

You better stand with your shoulder to the wheel
You better band together at the top of the hill
You better blow that horn much louder still
When he's slouchin towards Bethlehem

What kind of beast ... ?

1184 BC The Greeks enter Troy using the Trojan Horse (traditional date

1066 Halley's Comet sparks English monk to predict country will be

1704 "Boston News-Letter" 1st successful newspaper in US, forms

1865 Fire alarm & police telegraph system put into operation in San Francisco1867 Black demonstrators stage ride-ins on Richmond, Virginia streetcars

1872 Volcano Mt Vesuvius erupts on Sicily

compromise of 1877.jpg

1877 As part of THE COMPROMISE OF 1877, the last federal occupying troops withdraw from the South (New Orleans)

1891 Start of Sherlock Holmes adventure "The Final Problem

1898 Spanish-American War: Spain declares war after rejecting US ultimatum to withdraw from Cuba

Armenian genocide.png

1916 The Easter Uprising begins when some 1,600 militant Irish republicans who are members of the Irish Republican Brotherhood seize several key sites in Dublin hoping to win independence from British rule. British forces suppressed the uprising after six days, and its leaders were court-martialed and executed.

1917 US Congress passes the Liberty Loan Act, authorizing the Treasury to issue a public subscription for 2 billion in bonds for the war

1920 The rebels in Mexico led by Pancho Villa are to launch a major drive against federal forces and are continuing to gain ground.

1950 US President Harry Truman denies there are communists in the US government

1956 AL umpire Frank Umont is 1st to wear glasses in a regular season game

1961 JFK accepts "sole responsibility" following Bay of Pigs

1967 Vietnam War: American General William Westmoreland says in a news conference that the enemy had "gained support in the United States that gives him hope that he can win politically that which he cannot win militarily.1968 Students at Columbia University in New York City begin a week long occupation of several campus buildings protesting the Universities affiliation with the Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA), a weapons research think-tank affiliated with the U.S. Department of Defense. Students had been demonstrating earlier in March but the Columbia Administration had placed on probation six anti-war Columbia student activists for violating the ban on indoor demonstrations, which in turn caused the students to become more hard line in their protests.

1969 US B-52's drop 3,000 tons of bombs at South Viet Nam-Cambodia boundary


1980 US military operation to save 52 hostages in Iran, fails, 8 die

1981 US ends grain embargo against USSR

1984 Apple released the Apple IIc portable computer costing $1,295.

1989 10s of thousands of student strikes in Beijing, China

1992 "Man of La Mancha" opens at Marquis Theater NYC for 108 performances

1996 The UN and Iraq end a third round of negotiations over Iraq's possible sale of $1 billion of oil for 90 days for a 180-day trial period

1999 The International Longshoremen’s and Warehousemen’s Union halts shipping on the West Coast in solidarity with Mumia Abu-Jamal, a Philadelphia journalist whom many believed was on death row because he was an outspoken African-American.

2004 United States lifts economic sanctions imposed on Libya 18 years ago, as reward for cooperation in eliminating weapons of mass destruction

After living half my life in or too close to Texas, I can name damned little to like about the state. But I really appreciate many of the singer-songwriters connected with Austin. That brings to today's featured musical artist, Eliza Gilkyson. Enjoy!

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Thanks for the introduction. Smile

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"Make dirt, not war." eyo

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and the music. It's 51 and headed for 70 here, and the yard and garden went insane during our absence. Added bonus: a large laundry basked full of mail to sort through.

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That, in its essence, is fascism--ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or by any other controlling private power. -- Franklin D. Roosevelt --

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We had a really rainy day yesterday - 3.5 - 4 inches. Got about a half inch in 15 min that caused part of the road to wash. It's off with the bushog and on with the boxscrape to rework it tomorrow after it has dried a little. Mind you I'm not complaining we needed the rain. The garden is well mulched and soaked it all up.

He's comin' in the name of high finance
Corporations, religion and violence
Countin' on collusion and silence
Slouchin towards Bethlehem

Sounds like the beast alright. Thanks for the OT

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“Until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.”

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first time I noticed media censorship. The CNN feed in the motel room had a few moments of poor reception in the evening news. It took our group of naive Americans 3 days and a different city with locals pumping us for information regarding Beijing to connect the dots.

Two days before we left soldiers replaced local police directing traffic at the intersections by Tienanmen Square the tour bus traversed daily. The lat morning we drove by they were blocking entry to the square. Crowds had not began to visibly amass.

The media blockade continued through the 2 days in British, Hong Kong. Locals did not approach us on the street for information. They must have developed ways to keep abreast of developments in China. We all got a surprise when we arrived in Los Angeles 10 days after leaving Beijing and saw the airport news feed.

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Still yourself, deep water can absorb many disturbances with minimal reaction.
--When the opening appears release yourself.

Eliza artist to me, she's amazing.

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for the second day in a row. Transylvania County, NC has the highest average annual rainfall in the US outside the Pacific NW. Ironically, Buncombe County (Asheville), adjacent to our north gets the lowest average annual rainfall in the state of NC. Go figure. I love all the rain because it makes things grow and makes this place so beautiful all the time. It is still raining, but the depth of the colors of the flowers and vegetation is breath taking.

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"I don't want to run the empire, I want to bring it down!" ~Dr. Cornel West

"There is no instance of a nation benefitting from prolonged warfare." Sun Tzu


Down 541 points with 2 hours to go still.

...and no major news to cause this.

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