Physics as Philosophy.

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This is what der wiki calls a stub, or what I think of as a snippet. It is not to be fleshed out and finished off by further written expansion of the core article, however, but by cognition, internalization and apperception. Which is not to say that commentary isn't waranted and even solicited.

That said:

You are surrounded, out there, by all that, but it is out there. Distance is velocity times time, and velocity is limited to c, so out there, even so much as an angstrom is another time and another place. There is no place else you can be except where you are, Buckaroo, and no real future or past where you are, because elsewhen is also elsewhere. You are stuck in the here and now, so live there willingly and intentionally. Do so and they will no doubt call you crazy, but the math is on your side.

This herenow existence isn't perforce pure woo, being, seeking, communing with and appreciating That, or, more precisely, That which is That, nor even That which is That such that it is That. The you (which is you) still needs sustenance, for example. As do we all. Let us then pause in our appreciation of all suchness and suchwhat to consider other mundanities, such as financing this site. It is a proposition that has, I assure you, much merit.

YOU very likely have a philosophy of your own. You are free to state, explain, discuss, expound, advocate for, and argue about it, as long as you keep it civil. The site has no substantive authorized and approved philosophy, no dogma, no kings nor queens, and we need no condescending saviors to lead us from their banquet halls. Nope. The point and purpose of this place is the free and open exchange and interchange of ideas and information. The site dogma is free speech, and beyond trolling the membership, the only way you can get in trouble is to try to make it into an echo chamber by insisting that everybody adopt, agree with, conform to or acquiesce to some particular point of view. That, my friends, is something of great value, a value enhanced by its scarcity.

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OK, now, back to philosophy. Perhaps physics won't do you, perhaps you hanker for something more spiritual. I have provided a brief sermon that you can listen to while performing whatever tasks you need to in order to contribute to the site.

Thank you.

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Hear here el. Well put. Must take exception to your expulsion on the being-ness of the present. It may be a stretch of imaginary proportions, but travel from the here and now is not exclusive. The super-cooled transistors in the cranial cortex allow travel in both time and space. As long as there is not a tee-vee or other distraction within sight or hearing, the flow of thoughts tend to not hang around very long. What was once is as accessible as what may be. As such, distant locations can be sometimes more clearly perceived than the temporary surroundings. It's like taking a trip without leaving the farm!

Thanks for pitching the JtC cause. Doing what we can to keep C99% alive helps assure there are friends to share these igneous times.

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Listen to your higher mind.

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you are and wherewhenever that is, it is your herenow.

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That, in its essence, is fascism--ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or by any other controlling private power. -- Franklin D. Roosevelt --

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@enhydra lutris My gramma used to say: If you are here, you can't be all there. That used to be another way of saying mentally one taco short of a full enchilada. Or one card short of a full deck. Or, or

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Listen to your higher mind.

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can punish me and say: Go to prison and pay 10 bucks penalty. I am sure he would get pretty rich immediately. Wink

Thanks for helping, el.

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That, in its essence, is fascism--ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or by any other controlling private power. -- Franklin D. Roosevelt --